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South Korean Dating Sites

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Do you want to meet a Korean woman but feel that you’re not ready to move to South Korea? We have a perfect solution for you. And the name of this solution is Korean Dating websites. Feel surprised, well you should not be, because Korean singles are using such platforms pretty often. Online dating sites are the best possible solution to find your love in Korea. Feel interested in finding out more about dating sites in Korea? In this case, this article will be really informative for you.

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Top-5 Best Dating Korean Websites: Quick Overview

Are you looking for a perfect online dating site that will suit all your needs and that will help you to find a serious relationship? In this table we have collected the best Korean dating sites, so you will be able to choose your leading Korea dating site after you read this section.

SiteCurrent pricesLegitimateBest for
Koreancupid.com$29,98 – 1 month


$59,99 – 3 months

$119,98 – 1 year

The service is working according to all legitimate laws and has a perfect reputation. Once you reach the service, be sure that you’re in safe hands.
  • Big base of potential partners
  • Profile id verification
  • No fake profiles
  • Site is a part of a successful cupid media network
  • Ad-free browsing in Platinum membership
Elitesingles.com$99,95 -1 month


$158,85 – 3 months

$275,40 – 1 year

Elitesingles is a perfect choice for serious men. The platform uses only the best possible security measures, so the users’ data is always safe.
  • Advanced matching algorithms
  • Elite singles from Korea
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Perfect for a person who is looking for a long term relationship
Findasianbeauty.com$9,99 – 1 month


Packages for buying credits (Special currency for having conversations)

Findasianbauty is an absolutely legitimate site. It has a transparent policy and does not hide anything from its users.
  • Ability to speak via live video chat
  • Excellent features even in basic subscription
  • instant messaging
  • Video messages
Easternhoneys.comNo subscriptions, instead of this you need to buy special credits.


$9,99 – 20 credits

$19,99 – 50 credits

$44,99 -125 credits

Easternhoneys.com provides users’ safety from the first steps. The site is working according to international laws and its reputation is absolutely clear.
  • Unique features
  • Receiving a basic profile right after the registration
  • Possibility to find an ideal match with credits
Eharmony.com$59.95 -1-month


$23.95 – 1 month for a 3-month plan

$29.95 – 1 month for a 6-months plan

$19.95 – 1 month for a 12-months plan

Eharmony is a platform where you will not find any illegal activity. Here every profile space is carefully checked so you can be sure about other users and their safety towards you.
  • Unlimited messaging after making a purchase
  • Coupons from other countries and especially from Korea
  • A convenient user-focused space

How To Start a Relationship Using The Korean Online Dating Sites?

Once you decide to seduce a Korean woman by using some leading Korea dating site you should be aware of some tips and advice that will help you to succeed in this matter. Of course, like any other woman in the world, South Korean girls love men that take care of them, present gifts, and spend all their free time with them. However, before you start dating, the first thing you should do is understand some rules that will help you to meet Korean women on the leading Korean dating websites.

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Post Only Real Photos

Do not put some random Korean guys in your main photo. Just keep in mind that all the best Korean dating websites always check users’ accounts for fake information. And of course, the Korean girl should like the real you and not some other guy who you pretend to be. Also, keep in mind that the Korean population is slightly more female, in order to stand out, you just need to not be like the guys that surround Korean girls.

Treat Her With Respect

Even if you bought a subscription to some leading Korea dating site, you should always remember that you are having conversations with real girls. Even more importantly, you should remember when you will be chatting with some Korean beauties that they love their country and culture. So you should never even think about saying something offensive about Korea or Korean culture because otherwise, you’re risking losing the girl forever.

Do Not Rush Things

Once you find a girl on some South Korean Dating websites, you should give her some time. They can be really shy from time to time even if you will be just chatting on the best Korean dating app. You should be ready that for the first time she will speak with you with a grain of salt. However, be sure that after a few days of chatting you will see that she starts to answer you nicely and her attitude towards you has changed for the better.

Don’t be Intrusive

Sure if you will like some girl on South Korea Dating Sites you should take the first step to show your sympathy. But do not overdo it, you do not need to write to a girl if you see that she is not at all interested in communicating with you. It will be really easy for you to push her away even more of your obsession.

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Are There Any Free Dating Sites In South Korea?

So what about free dating apps in South Korea are there any? If you’re looking for a free membership, in this case you also can definitely succeed in this matter. In this section, we will be talking about free Korea dating sites and apps that you can start using right after you register on the platform. So let’s guide you through the free online dating on the popular dating apps in South Korea.


It’s a perfect choice for foreign men to find Asian women or just Korean friends. In different dating site reviews, this platform always deserves the highest points. What is even more important is that you can start using this dating pool right after you enter your email and upload photos of yourself. However, even this site has a paid version where you will get your VIP profile highlighting between other members and a higher opportunity to find a perfect match with a better search rank than you will get with a paid subscription. But do not worry because you can continue using this social networking app absolutely free and you still are gonna find a lot of potential matches in this app.


When people want to know about the best Korean dating app OkCupidKorea is the first on the list. Like other Korean dating sites for which you will have to pay, here you will have everything just the same but absolutely free. This site has customized searches that will give you a higher opportunity to find your potential match than in other apps. Of course, there is an opportunity to buy a subscription plan, but it just makes it easier for you to use the app. Be sure that you will have everything the same as premium members.


This South Korea dating site is similar to Tinder. However, at some point, this site has become even more popular in South Korea. So in any case, your main goal is not only to find a perfect Korean match but also to have a language exchange. This site is a perfect choice for you. This dating app stands out from other apps because it’s based on dating preferences, which makes this site even more attractive. Because there will be no chance to start chatting with a person that does not like you.

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Are There Any Legitimate Korean Dating Platform?

Most of the Korean websites that exist today and help people to find each other are absolutely legal. You see the reason is that the Koreans are very rigorous in the matter. And this is the main great feature of every Korea dating site. Every personality profile is going through a scrupulous verification process, so minimize the chance of creating fake accounts. Every Korean dating app has all the necessary policies that will be indicated on the main page. We can say with confidence that Korean websites are legitimate.

Popular Dating App In Korea

If we were talking about the most popular dating app, it will definitely be Amanda. The reason for that is that most Koreans spend a lot of their free time on smartphones. So the percentage of Koreans that use this app is pretty high. It’s a perfect choice for foreign men to meet Korean singles. However, Amanda has the only disadvantage and its absence of a message translator, so prepare yourself for message translation from Korean to your native language. However, maybe the translation feature will be added, so who knows.

What Dating App Do They Use In Korea?

There are a lot of different dating apps in South Korea, and what is more interesting, all of them are popular among Korean girls. Be sure that no matter if you’re using a free app like UBLove or a paid dating app like findasianbeauty.com you will definitely succeed in both ways.

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If you’re dreaming about a relationship with a girl from South Korea, draw your attention to the Korean dating apps that have been indicated in this article. Be sure that once you decide to marry a Korean girl, a perfect start is necessary. That’s why the best South Korean dating platform will help you in this matter.


Can I Trust South Korean Dating Apps?

The answer is yes, but always make sure to check the necessary policies before making any purchase.

Are South Korean Dating Apps Legal?

You even should not worry about it since every dating app in Korea needs to go through a detailed legal verification process in order to start the legal activity.

Are There Any Free Dating Apps In Korea?

There are a lot of free apps in South Korea, where you will not have to pay for membership and start chatting with South Koreans right away.

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