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Vietnamese Dating Sites

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With the arrival of the pandemic, dating on the net has become even more popular. It must be said that the technique is a nice alternative to meetings in public places which are currently closed. Especially since it is much safer since it allows everyone to get to know each other a little bit more before getting into real Vietnamese dating.

Thus, Vietnam dating sites meet all our current communication habits. In just a few clicks, you can discover potential profiles with whom to live the great love! Things will be done with more ease since your search will be based on well-defined criteria such as sexual orientation, age, and many other parameters of dating by affinity. And if you are rather shy, the first exchanges on the net will allow you to feel at ease!

Wherever you are, it is possible to meet people of all kinds, whether Vietnamese women are friends, lovers, or even for a one-night stand. In any case, if you are looking for your soul mate, Vietnam dating sites are now your best allies!

Vietnamese Dating Sites

Comparing Best Vietnam Dating Sites

SiteCurrent priceslegitimateBest for (write benefits)
Vietnam cupid$13 per month (yearly plan)YesHaving huge database
Vietnamesesingle.com$40 per monthNoDating Vietnamese celebrities
FindAsianBeauty$10 for 20 creditsYesFocusing on Vietnamese dating culture
EasternHoneys$3 for 20 creditsYesDating younger Vietnamese chicks
DateAsianWoman$10 for 20 creditsYesMeeting loyal Vietnamese brides

How to Meet Vietnamese Singles Online

It is simple to browse Vietnamese singles. And even if you feel like you’re going to be overwhelmed by this adventure, all it takes is a little organization to make your experience a pleasant one. Follow our tips!

Be Attractive in Your Presentation

The first thing Vietnamese women will see is your profile. To attract them, remember to be careful with your description while adding a touch of mystery to your profile. Put all the chances on your side, please!

Put Pictures On Your Profile

As for any exchange platform, a Vietnamese dating site will ask you to present a photo of yourself. Here again, remember to choose a picture that shows you off without lying. It is out of the question to put a photo that is 10 years old for example!

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Adopt a Nickname That Describes You

If some people choose to use their name, it is always recommended to present yourself under a nickname. This adds a sense of mystery to your profile and keeps you anonymous. However, remember to choose a nickname that defines you, that is easy to remember and that would be memorable!

Don’t Forget the Questionnaires and Tests

Like the introduction text, the questionnaires and tests help to establish your profile with precision. Also, the Vietnam dating site will establish other profiles that may have the same interests as you to have a better chance of finding love effectively.

Are There Any Free Dating Sites?

Since many dating websites and apps are nothing more than money traps, we realize how difficult it can be to find a reputable website with real profiles. There aren’t many websites that demand you to pay a fee to communicate messages. Most dating services are free to use, but you may be charged for speeding your application, accessing extra filters and settings in your search, removing inadvertent swipes, giving a super-like or super-swipe, or submitting a super-like or super-swipe.

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Are There Any Legitimate Vietnam Dating Sites?

The price is undoubtedly the main criterion that pushes us to choose a Vietnam dating site. However, other parameters must be taken into account to guarantee the success of your search for your soul mate. And now that you know the details of the most popular Vietnam dating sites in France, it is important to know other points:

First of all, think about the type of profile that could be present on the site. This will allow you to determine if the latter will allow you to meet people who correspond to you. Do you want to meet a single person or a widower? Choose platforms that offer this type of profile.

Before registering, take note of the number of active members on the Vietnamese dating site. The more profiles there are on the platform, the more likely you are to find someone who matches you. The ratio of male to female members plays an important role in your search to avoid coming across a site that only has a few profiles available.

Whether you’re looking for a paid or free site, you should also check the features offered to you. Sending messages, photos, videos, or even contacting other members…all this must be taken into account to avoid any mistakes.

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Popular Dating Site in Vietnam

For your convenience, some websites take into account all the problems described above and solve them for you. On a Vietnam dating site, you can get help with translation. For example, there is often a translation option available in the chat, or if you want to talk to your correspondent on a video call, you can request a live interpretation service.

In addition, members of these websites are more likely to speak English than if you were trying to approach someone in real life. Local ladies are also likely to be more open-minded and willing to date internationally. A Vietnam dating site can even include details such as travel and relocation plans.

For example, you can filter your matches based on their location, language level, willingness to relocate, etc. You don’t have to go into this whole Vietnamese dating scene completely blind and unprepared in this way.

The Perfect Candidate

There are many Vietnamese girls dating sites on the Internet. But, we especially recommend VietnamCupid.com for its ability to connect the whole world: wherever you are, find your match, the Vietnamese woman who fits you. Yes, because this site proposes to bring Vietnam to you: it boasts the largest database of Vietnamese singles!

Here, interaction is the key: you are dealing with a site that has many years of experience. And to facilitate your exchanges, VietnamCupid.com has an advanced messaging system. And this Vietnam dating site still has other assets… Of course, you want seriousness and you even want to find your future wife thanks to this dating agency. Nevertheless, here, the joy and the fun are also intended for the appointment. Finally, from the point of view of trust, this site is also very safe.

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What Vietnam Dating App is the Best?

It is also important to know the specifics of each Asian country. Some applications or websites may be popular in Thailand, but completely useless in the Philippines and vice versa.

There are 5 types of online tools you can use to meet new girls in Asia:

  • Mobile-only location-based apps. An app that allows you to find girls around you (e.g. Tinder or Paktor);
  • Desktop-only dating sites. A website that connects you with selected profiles living in a certain area (e.g. AsianDating, ThaiCupid, VietnamCupid, FilipinoCupid, etc.);
  • Desktop dating sites with a corresponding mobile application. A service with an app and a website (e.g. ThaiFriendly, PinaLove, Badoo, Skout, OK Cupid);
  • Messaging apps. An app primarily used to communicate with friends, but with a “look around” feature that allows you to meet new people (e.g., WeChat or BeeTalk);
  • Social media networks. A social network that can be used to meet local ladies if you know how to do it right (for example, Instagram, Facebook, or Bigo Live).

The Ambassador of Smartphone Vietnam Dating

The AsianDating website is part of the Cupid network and as such has a huge database of girls in all countries. On average, there are over 2,000 women online at any given time, especially Vietnamese women living in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Vietnamese women are openly looking for a foreign husband or boyfriend.

This is pretty much the opposite of Tinder. Many users continue to respond via email, sometimes for weeks before deciding to meet. Vietnamese women won’t mind if you’re still in your home country as long as you have plans to visit Southeast Asia. As with most websites, registration is free but you will have to pay extra to access better features.


  • AsianDating is marketed as a Vietnamese dating site for Asian girls looking to meet foreigners;
  • Ideal for guys who are not yet in Asia and with older guys;
  • Allows for deeper conversations and connections;
  • Matching features to help you find specific types of Vietnamese women.


  • The free version is limited, so you need to upgrade to the premium version quickly.
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Finally, as a tourist, dating high quality Vietnamese singles may not be easy, particularly if you are visiting Vietnam for the first occasion. You may face heartbreaks or bumpy roads, but if you keep the following guidelines in mind, you’ll be OK.

What you have to do is figure out if your Vietnamese girl is truly in love with you. This will spare you a lot of time and effort when it comes to dating. Even though Vietnamese females are unique, you will notice certain telltale signs that she is truly interested in you.


Is It Okay to Lie About Measures on a Vietnam Dating Site?

No! When it comes to internet dating, honesty is crucial. What else may you be dishonest about if you mislead about your age or height straight away? Starting with falsehood is a surefire way to fail and become frustrated. It reduces your chances of dating in Vietnam.

How Do I Attract Attention on Vietnam Dating Sites?

Allow others to get to understand you! Engage in genuine discussions with strangers, inquiring about their life and sharing your own. Integrity and vulnerability will aid in the formation of genuine connections. Make sure to discuss your dating goals and the type of relationship you'd like to have. It's critical, to be honest: if someone expresses an interest in tying the knot in the coming year when that's not on your radar, let them know.

How Do You Spot Fake Vietnamese Accounts?

There are no guarantees, but there are techniques to lessen the odds of being conned through profiles obtained, reverse online searches, tolerance, and questioning.

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