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Best Chinese Dating Apps

The ability to find love on the Internet is not a surprise anymore. More and more people believe in online dating success. In China, almost 66% of users open dating platforms more than once a week. And the number of Asian women who want to marry Western men is growing, accelerating fast. How to quickly find a Chinese lady? Which tools to use to make your conversation interactive? How easy is it to conquer an Asian girl online? You will find all the answers on the popular Chinese dating apps. And we are here only to guide you in the right direction. If you are curious about meeting exotic Eastern beauties, read the article and create your romantic story today.

Are Chinese Singles Interested In Using Dating Apps?

A lot of women in China have been fighting to find a partner in real life. And they have found an alternative: dating on the Internet. Eric Zhou, a former head of TikTok, thinks that this is the future of dating. And this is what we witnessed today. See why women from China use apps for finding husbands.

They Have A Limited Circle Of Friends

Dating in China starts when young people graduate and find a job. Until that time, they are overwhelmed with studying. And the circle of friends after university decreases. At work, Chinese women communicate with colleagues about work duties and no more. But where to look for a husband? You are right, on Chinese dating platforms!

They Are Tired Of Stereotypes

There are many Asian stereotypes relating to family creation. For example, women that didn’t marry before 27 years are called “leftovers”. And this might be very weird for the Western world. Thus the pressure on ladies is very high, and they seek help on dating platforms.

They Want To Be Free Of Judgement

When an Asian man meets a woman, he is very critical of the lady’s last relationship. And if a woman has been married before, she is greatly blamed by both men and society. But not everyone finds true love from the first attempt. That is why Chinese females register on dating platforms.

Chinese Dating Apps

Features Every Good Chinese Dating Application Should Have

Before you start choosing a perfect app, you should know what to pay attention to. Every good application provides users with the best features. And if they are paid, then they should be of good quality. Sometimes application creators overwhelm members with a lot of options. Thus it might be hard to analyze every feature. First of all, take notice of such key characteristics:

  • Profiles verification. When you download a new Chinese dating application, you find yourself in a place with a lot of unknown people. And they all come with different intentions. Some seek true love, and some seek personal information for their benefit. Since an app has good profile verification, you can trust it.
  • Easy start. A new platform might be complicated to start a conversation. Many people get embarrassed and delete an application if they can’t handle it. Thus there should be some first steps that will explain how to kick off.
  • Good search. Every dating platform is full of thousands or millions of users. And if you search manually, it will take you several days to find a match. Every target group of users should be structured by preferences, hobbies, likings, and so on. It should be very easy to find matches on a good online relationship application.
  • Diverse communication features. To get to know a girl well, you need to communicate a lot. And the platform should only facilitate this. There should be such conversation options: chat, video calls, private rooms, photo, exchanging of photos and video.
  • Safe environment. From the first minute you register on the platform, you share your personal information. And platform creators should protect it. No one except the customer support team should know more than you want about yourself. When you enter your billing details, be very careful.

How To Choose A Suitable Chinese Dating App?

As the number of services is quite high, it is not an easy task to find an ideal one. Foreign men have different purposes for communicating with Chinese women. Someone wants to have fun, and someone wants to find a wife. And the services offer different features. That is why you should follow the next tips in choosing an online relationship app.

  • Read reviews. Nothing can be more useful than reviews of the site from other users. They show the pros and cons of a platform, the difficulties in using it, and other pitfalls. Find the reviews on the desired site because no one will tell you the drawbacks of his own product.
  • Look for like-minded members. Sometimes an application can be perfect in quality, tools, and other features. But its users pursue different goals in online relationships. For example, if you want to chat with Chinese girls for fun, it will not be a suitable action on the services that connect people for marriage.
  • Test several dating apps. Nothing better can help than your own experience. The majority of services offer free trial versions to feel the services. Don’t skip such a chance! It might be a time-consuming process, but the result is worth it.

Why Use Apps And Not Websites?

The question arises: “As there are matrimonial websites, then why to download apps?” Indeed, many Chinese dating sites work perfectly. Apps can also be paid or free, as well as online services. But still, people use services in their everyday life. Here are the most compelling reasons why people search in their Apple App Stores for matrimonial services.

Apps Are Faster

When you save a platform on your phone, the data is automatically stored on a mobile device. Every girl you searched for will be analyzed, and then profiles with similar characteristics will appear during your next visits. Websites are overwhelmed with users, and your platform will only work for you.

They Send Notifications

If you use a Chinese dating app, you can turn the notifications on and get messages right on your phone. It is more convenient than reloading the site’s page in the hope to receive a message from a girl.

Apps Give Your More Functions

On your app, you can make photos and videos straight from your device. On websites, you should load your GIFs, video calls, or other materials. And what if you need to share photos with an Asian beauty, and your site is reloading every time? It is a pity. And finally, long answers may irritate your partner.

They Work Offline

It is the most convenient feature of Chinese dating apps. You shouldn’t always be connected to the Internet to view hot girls from China. Thus you can use a platform everywhere: at home, in the office, in the airport, or at a grocery store. What a pleasure to share all life moments with a beloved woman from afar?

Top Chinese Dating Apps

And here is the most valuable information about the you need. We have found the most effective services that allow Western men to find Chinese singles. Every service is unique with its pros and cons. And only you decide which the best China dating app to download and use. See our top stars in relationships online!

Top Apps Advantages
1 Tantan – a Chinese Tinder
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to use the navigation
  • 20 million monthly active users
  • Free registration
  • Viewing people by swipe
  • Playing games
  • Location search
  • Video and photo sharing
  • Secure environment
2 Chinese Love Links – a part of Cupid media network
  • ID verification
  • Scam-free environment
  • High profiles’ quality
  • Quick account creating process
  • High level of security
  • Free version
3 Momo – very popular international dating app
  • Geolocation features
  • Clear privacy rules
  • Charge-free version
  • Availability on IOS and Android
  • Detailed profiles
  • Modern communication options
4 Blued – top gay dating app
  • Free of charge version
  • Regular updates
  • Easy to navigate credit system
  • Several login methods
  • An extensive members’ catalog
5 TrulyChinese – a Vip dating application
  • Profile verification
  • Quick report about spam members
  • Good privacy settings
  • Well-organized design

Find Chinese Singles

Chinese Dating App USA

A China dating app will become a perfect tool for online dating in the USA. Since a huge number of men are interested in meeting stunning Chinese brides, why not try an app. Review the table with all the reliable applications for iOS and Android mobile devices in the table above and read our comprehensive reviews of them. Choose the best dating app in China by such criteria as registration, monthly fees, quality of profiles, and communication tools.

Some of the best Chinese dating apps listed here will bring you meaningful connections with some of the most beautiful Eastern brides. Looking through Chinese girls’ profiles, reviewing their photos, and sending them texts through an app is easy and fun. You may also be interested in a Chinese gay app with profiles that belong to good-looking guys who dream of meeting sexy Western guys for online fun and casual relationship.

How To Find Chinese Singles Online?

Choosing the right Chinese dating platform is only half the battle. To be successful on such platforms, you should know the specifics of dating Chinese ladies. Sometimes they might be hard to conquer. But knowing several secrets will help you in this deal. Read the following tips and follow them when dating a woman from China online.

  • Learn local culture. Imagine your Chinese girlfriend’s admiration when you tell her that you know her traditional values. And if you learn some phrases in Chinese, she will treat you with sympathy.
  • Be serious. In China, dating means marrying in the near future. Oriental females look for serious partners. And they will not forgive you if you play with their feelings. When you start dating a Chinese woman, be ready to marry her.
  • Wait for her decision. Local women are very shy and modest. They are not sincere with the guys they meet the first time. And Oriental beauties are very slow in relationships. You will not make things better if you hurry a girl up. Give her time to think about being a couple.
  • Make the first steps. Men are the main ones in China families. And women expect foreigners to take the initiative. It is not about annoying messages and constant calls. Be the first to write Eastern females but don’t press them if you see no interest in you.
  • Show respect to her family. In the East, people share everything with their families. They meet together and discuss people, relationships, and events. If you have a serious relationship with a Chinese woman, she has already told her family members about you. And you should be very polite to her parents. It is a crucial thing in dating an Oriental bride.

Pros And Cons Of Dating Chinese Singles

Chinese women, as all women, have their good and bad sides. And because of traditional differences, there might be more misunderstandings between you and your Chinese wife. It is better to know Chinese ladies’ imperfections and be ready to live with these disadvantages. Read some pluses and minuses of dating Oriental women and decide whether it is suitable for you.

Pros Cons
Eastern girls are dedicated to their families. They dream about being wives and mothers. It is the most valuable thing every Chinese lady thinks about. And even if she has to leave her career because of family worries, she will. Chinese singles care too much. It is good when your wife takes care of you. But if she plays the role of a mother who is constantly worried about her child, it can be irritating.
They are less materialistic. Chinese singles want to marry foreigners to have a stable financial position. But they will not demand expensive presents from you. They think a lot before getting someone a chance. It’s not about Asian singles who can fall in love at first sight and get married a month after dating. Local females are very slow at making decisions. You should be patient enough to wait for her.
Asian wives are well-educated. The majority of women in China have university degrees. And they don’t stop studying. You will never get bored with an Oriental girlfriend. Not all Chinese people know English. Although young girls speak English well, their relatives hardly know any language other than Chinese. But you will somehow have to communicate with them. You had better learn a few phrases in Mandarin.
They respect husbands. Chinese wives are very calm. These are not the women who will provoke scandals or beat plates. Ladies in China were brought up to respect their husbands. And during quarrels, they will always find a compromise. They are obsessed with cleanliness. Local females care a lot about their houses. Everything should be clean, and all things must be in place. What if you want to come home, scatter everything, and relax faster after work? It will be a reason for a quarrel.

Final Thoughts About Chinese Dating Apps

Dating applications are more convenient than online websites. You don’t have to load it, set the notifications or wait for a good Internet connection. Apps can be faster, more usable, and free. With an application on your device, you can communicate with your partner everywhere. Whether you like social platforms or services for fun conversation, you can choose an application paying attention to its key features. Be safe on Chinese matrimonial platforms and start your love story today!