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How to Date Chinese Women 

by Rikki Levy
October 14, 2021
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If you want to date a Chinese woman and are trying to get her attention, you will have to find out about their characteristics. The culture of women from China is different from that of the West.

Etiquette in Chinese Culture

There are many nuances in Chinese etiquette that you need to know to inadvertently offend a girl or her family. Therefore, here’s what you need to know before building a relationship with a girl from the Middle Kingdom:

  • You can’t date the girl’s parents before your relationship is serious. But even if your relationship is at the initial stage, you just need to ask about her parents’ health. By doing so, you will show that you are interested in her and her family and have serious intentions.
  • In Chinese culture, family is the most important thing. Therefore, you do not need to take all the girl’s attention to yourself. You should be humble, polite, and kind to establish yourself with her family and her friends.
  • Also, do not need to touch on the topic of politics, as this will show your disrespect for the family. Better to talk about your hobbies or weekend plans.
  • There is no need to have physical contact on the first date, as this will only frighten the Chinese woman. It’s better to take your time and show that you are looking forward to a long-term relationship.

How to Date a Chinese Women

The Temperament of Chinese Girls

The character of Chinese girls is very secretive. They are very conservative. It is impossible to understand whether a storm is raging in their hearts. If she is furious, she will never show it. It is rather difficult to conduct a dialogue with them since it is not clear what is interesting to them at the moment. Chinese girls know how to love and do everything for the sake of the family. They are incredibly caring, trying to guess every whim.

From childhood, they are taught that the family is the most important thing and that you need to take care of it. This is their main task, which they set for themselves. But this is more suitable for Chinese girls from small towns. It is common for those who live in big cities to be more selfish, open-minded, and purposeful. They are more impetuous and self-confident. In most cases, they will not trust their well-being in the potential man.

What Chinese Women Like About Western Men

In general, Chinese ladies like to be carried in their arms, take care of them, and endure their tantrums. But in Western men are attracted by their love of freedom. That they can sell everything to travel the world. Not having a college degree, but being smart and capable of making money. Foreign men are always more fun than Chinese. Foreigners are not embarrassed by the fact that the Asian woman could have had several boyfriends before him.

They understand that this is life and everything can change, like feelings for a person. In China, this already ruins your reputation and makes you unattractive. Also, Asian girls like the fact that Western men seek to resolve the conflict. Men from China are more passive and wait for the conflict to go away on its own. Western men are equal to a lot of money. There is still a stereotype in Asia that a white foreign man is a rich man. Even if you have a job with a small salary and rent a cheap apartment and wear cheap clothes, you will leave a good impression.

How to Steal the Chinese Woman’s Heart

If you want to date a Chinese woman and are trying to get her attention, you will have to resort to special methods. Asian women in China are not as straightforward as they are in the West, and are less shrewd in romantic situations. Therefore, many ways of flirting, working with Chinese women in the west, with local girls, are most likely doomed to fail.

Pay Attention to the Detail of Appearance and Compliment

There is no need to compliment the girl’s entire appearance; it is better to focus on some detail. For example, say that she looks beautiful in these shoes. Such a compliment will show that you are honest and that you really noticed the change and that it was oriented for her.

Show Your Interest in China

For a woman to admire you, tell a couple of facts about the culture of China. Learn a few Mandarin phrases. This will make her very happy, and she will be more supportive of you.

Be Straightforward and Persistent

Compliments have to be repeated all the time because the lady gender is quite shy. No need to figure out what to say, compliment the things that you like and that the Asian woman emphasizes.

Pros and Cons of Dating Chinese Women

Advantages Disadvantages
Local women always look young. It is in the genes of women that they always look younger. If a lady is 30, she will look 20. Her face will always look pretty. A different diet of food. In the west, they are used to eating meat. A woman from China will not refuse you to sit down for meat several times. But for them, it is more acceptable to eat rice, vegetables, and other Asian Cuisine.
Devotion to the family and love for children. A peculiarity of Asian ladies is their loyalty to their men. Chinese girls never cheat on their men. They also love their children very much. They will be happy to help you pick up your child from school, learn lessons with them, or prepare lunch for him. Different preferences in music. Chinese women prefer to listen to slow music with a piano about love. Therefore, you have to compromise if you love popular Western music.
Long-term relationship. If you are planning to find a life partner, then this is your chance. Since they are very loyal and afraid of ruining their reputation, they are looking for one person for life. They prefer diet instead of sports. To lose weight, Chinese women do not go to the gym but simply go on a diet. Therefore, they are not as curvy as those of Western women.

Chinese Women

Online Dating is Very Accessible

It is rather difficult and expensive to come to China and find a single woman there who will become a soul mate. Upon your arrival, everything may not be the way you imagined it in your head. Online acquaintance will reduce unnecessary risks and simplify the process. Dating Chinese woman apps and sites are definitely a time saver. You can meet and chat with new people online, in your free time. On dating sites, there is usually much more choice than in everyday life. A definite plus of all dating sites and apps is that you can set the search criteria in them that are important to you. It is more convenient to prepare for a real date through online dating.

For example, if you are meeting a person for the first time without knowing him and not communicating with him before, then such a meeting can cause a lot of stress and a lot of excitement. But if you get to know each other through some site, then you have time to chat online: get to know each other better, get to know a little about each other, understand whether a personal meeting makes sense at all. Again, you can save time and money.

Best Sites to Date Chinese Girls

Sites Offers
Tantan Huge reach and large audience. Except for the standard search by city and gender, there are various filters: search by occupation, bad habits, type, financial situation, etc.
ChinaLoveCupid If you’re looking for a relationship, then you’ve come to the right place. It is more suitable for a person who is looking for serious Chinese acquaintances (with the aim of creating a family).
Date In Asia A completely free site that will help you find a Chinese girl not only in China but in whatever country you are.
AsiaMe There is a mobile application. You can also not only correspond but also communicate via video communication through the application. High-quality and detailed questionnaires.
LoverWhirl A dating site where you can find Chinese women with a model figure. You can also send a gift before you start texting, which can draw the girl’s attention to you.
BeautifulAsianGirls All services on the site are paid, but in exchange, you get a lot of various functions. And the purpose of the site is to introduce Western men to Asian women, including Chinese ones.

Marry a Chinese Woman

The first thing to say is that marrying a Chinese woman will make you rich. This is what a German official from the Getty Institute in Shanghai said. This tendency is very noticeable in the formation of a pair of Chinese women and a white man. Also, such parents are usually the best for their children.

The combination of different views and cultures gives an excellent result. After the wedding, you are connected not only with the woman but also with her family. You will be loved and respected, as you are a man, which means you have a major role in the family. Chinese women are not touchy. They wish to maintain balance in the family and try to resolve any conflicts by talking. Chinese women love children as much as their husbands: they will do their best to keep the kids happy. Most of them will always support their man in any issue. Your home will always be clean and comfortable. This is the ideal wife who satisfies all needs.

What Gifts Should You Present to Your Chinese Girl

Giving a gift to a Chinese girlfriend, who belongs to another culture is not an easy issue. Now we will figure out what is worth giving and what is not.

A designer handbag or smartphone are good gifts, they will emphasize the class in the girl’s society. If you want an inexpensive gift, you can give a red teddy bear. Red is a symbol of prosperity in China. To show serious intentions, present a ring or hair clip. The ring will show that you are constantly thinking about her. The gold hairpin is a traditional Chinese gift that symbolizes the bond between lovers. In ancient times, the hairpin consisted of two parts and each of the lovers kept one part of the hairpin. And one of the simplest and most beautiful gifts is red flowers, they will easily pave the way to the girl’s heart.

You cannot present shoes, sharp objects, and a mirror. All of this symbolizes failures and breakups. You will only upset the Chinese girl if you give such a gift. These will be tips for you on how to choose the right gifts to fall in love with the Chinese girl you like.

How Chinese Women Feel About Sex

Traditionally, local girls remain virgins until they get married. Otherwise, they can ruin their reputation if they have sex before marriage and then break up with this person. But these stereotypes are already remnants of the past. These prejudices can only be found in small villages. In cities, women have become more relaxed and modern. You don’t have to be married for sex. Still, don’t be in too much of a hurry. It is better if you and the girl together feel like you want it.

Conclusion About Dating a Chinese Girl

Do not be afraid to look for women of Chinese nationality. This article will help you. Is it worth it? You decide. Diversity is the highlight of life and date Chinese women.

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