EasternHoneys Review on the Website: Conclusions About the Service

  • 9.9

If suddenly you are seeking someone special for a long time, the Eastern Honeys app will come to the rescue with the best and most comfortable conditions of use.

“Referring to the Easternhoneys review, you can quickly draw conclusions about whether this dating platform suits you at this stage of your personal life”.

No matter whether it’s a message with elements of light and casual flirting or a refusal to continue dialogues.

“In real life, we are often subject to pronounced emotions as they have a strong effect on our speech.”

Some ridiculous vulgarity may turn into an innocent phrase into a provocation. Communication tools through top dating websites gives us time to think before writing and responding.

According to reviews from real users, you have the right to choose from those who seemed to you the most attractive. You can chat and interact with several Asian women at once.

  • 9.9

It’s only up to you to decide whether to meet in real life with virtual chosen ones or not. The most important thing is that no one can judge you for immortality. After all, virtual flirting is innocent until it goes beyond the monitor.

EasternHoneys dating platform allows you to find out each other’s interests. It helps to understand whether you have a similar sense of humor, whether you have the points of intersection or whether the goals for the future are the same. This approach helps not to waste time on unpromising meetings. If someone has the goal of “one-night stands” but your plans to start a family, then it becomes obvious that you don’t match each other!

EasternHoneys reviews will open your eyes to many things you didn’t know about this dating site before. In today’s Easternhoneys.com reviews, you will find out how effective a typical dating service can be!

🥇 Best for:Lonely hearts looking for a serious type of love relationship or a romantic date with a continuation
⏳ Recommended age:21 -36
👩 Percentage of women :56%
🤳 Average Sign-Up Time5-10 minutes
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How We Reviewed EasternHoneys Website:
Eastern Honeys.com is a sought-after and highly-rated dating site. When it came to finding a potential partner, this dating site helped me to choose a worthy lady from Asian countries.


EasternHoneys international dating platform specialized in stunning Asian women. The exotic features and peculiar appearance of these charms make them lovely, unique, and ready for serious relationships.

A huge pool of Asian members helped me cope with loneliness and get on the right path of fate. Eastern Honeys online dating world meet partner selection system is what a modern person needs. If you are interested in such an innocent beauty, then an Eastern Honeys member may suit you.

Dare I add that my EasternHoneys account is made professionally thanks to a user-friendly interface that provides a friendly environment. The developers also took care of creating the EasternHoneys app. Immediately when you click on EasternHoneys site page, you see its modern design, which makes a great impression!

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EasternHoneys.com in 13 Seconds

  • 9.9
EasternHoneys features

Overall EasternHoneys Rating

Quality MatchesSatisfactorily🙂
Ease of UseFine 😎
SupportPerfectly 😍

Pros and Cons of the EasternHoneys

Impressions of online dating, which can be found on this site, are diverse. Some foreign singles have got only positive emotions thanks to the service that even led them to an official marriage. Other singles from the west have their personal stories filled with disappointment from reality.

Online dating has both advantages and disadvantages. For some, this way of finding a mate is quite convenient and effective, while for others, it evokes exclusively negative emotions.

Online dating is a convenient way to prepare for a real date. If you are meeting an Asian lady first without knowing her at all, then such a meeting can cause a little excitement.

If you are getting acquainted through this dating website, then you have time to chat online: get to know each other better to understand whether a meeting of a personal nature makes sense at all. Moreover, you can save time if you first chat with a person through this eastern site and understand whether this is exactly your option.

One of the main cons of all dating sites and apps is that you can never be 100% sure that a person’s photos are true. That is, you can come on a date and see they’re not the one you saw in the picture. A simple analysis of the pros and cons of online dating will help you decide whether to start chatting online or avoid it.

Most EasternHoneys users agree that this online platform has an extensive subscriber base and high loyaltyIt has not yet developed the application well enough. However, the site is well designed and has an adaptive layout for mobile devices. This allows users to use the platform equally effectively on any gadget
Singles from EasternHoneys website are locally active, and many women are the first to contact menCommunication is limited
Huge benefit for shy people who don’t want to be the first to use communication tools a single Asian girlsYou need to have some credits as this is the prerogative why EasternHoneys expensive services repel some users
New users receive 20 credits to try the website and its features. However, this is a good way to explore the EasternHoneys international dating website without investing in itEasternHoneys fake profiles are visible from day to day: it is recommended to increase the security level of the site
Eastern Honeys dating site has a large selection of all the features that are more than just enough to gain a positive dating experience 
EasternHoneys profile quality is on the top 
EasternHoneys user members

How to Sign Up at EasternHoneys?

Registration on EasternHoneys international dating website is pretty simple. In order to successfully Eastern Honeys login, you need to enter your gender, who you are looking for (male or female), birthday, actual email address and password (preferably with an auto-generate strong one).

  • 9.9

What Do Users Really Think About Eastern Honeys?

Who EasternHoneys Is Good For?

Who EasternHoneys Might Not Be Best For?

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Free & Paid Features

Eastern Honeys online dating site is among the few online dating services that operate on a credit system basis rather than on premium plans. This means that a potential member can buy credits and spend them on any desired features. EastenHoneys offers to spend the collected credits on active chat conversations with Asian singles, on mail, physical and virtual gifts, attaching media files, using a private chat with a streamer requesting a meeting with a selected interlocutor, etc.

The flirting and chatting tools on the website range from 2 to 1000 credits (including gifts and international targeted shipping, which are the most expensive services you have to pay on EasternHoneys website). Active members get 20 credits to spend on chat and decide if they wish to buy more and stay on EasternHoneys at all.

Free Options

Paid Options

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Features Overview

EasternHoneys is a unique online dating world that offers a lot of superior features of communication and active interaction with other internantional members of the platform. Thus, the functions that the site offers have the place to be the most effective in order to get to know each other quickly.

We’ll take a closer look at what these attractive communication and interaction tools are. We’ll cover why they attract young and old users from all over the world. For example, to get the attention of Asian female members, you can wink or add the member to your favorites list. Click on the proper icon on the website page, where you will find the profile of an interesting international members to perform this important action.

As a bonus, men can send gifts and flowers to their bright starlets online simply using the credits they collected. Furthermore, among them are not only virtual gifts, but real ones! Gifts of your choice will be sent as soon as possible directly to the specified address if the place is available to the courier.

Find the most attractive member using basic and advanced search options. Additionally, you can customize advanced search results by region, current place of residence, our marital status, children, religious beliefs, education, habits, and age. To connect with a nice Asian girls, you may send a “message” or “mail” to lovely ladies from Asian countries.

You can read messages from nice nymphets and serious girls for free. But you will be charged 2 credits per minute for replying or sending a new message. You can also send stickers to make communication more fun and interesting.


To send emails, simply go to the member’s profile page you like most and find there the mail icon. You can go to the “mail” tab at the top of the page to find the favorite user in your top list. Your emails and messages remain in your inbox for a month after the most recent message was sent.

  • 9.9

Help & Support

When you join Eastern Honeys online dating site, you gain access to customer support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter what time it is or what day it is, Eastern Honeys customer support will always be there to help you with whatever problem you might be having. Customer support is important because problems can arise at any time, and you should not have to wait for someone to get back to you during business hours.

Real Users Experience from EasternHoneys

Success Story #1 Image
John and Takara EasternHoneys logo
Since then, Takara has become an integral part of my life - she is my best friend, confidante and companion who always fills me with joy no matter how down or stressed out I am feeling that day!
Success Story #2 Image
David and Tamiko EasternHoneys logo
As soon as I created my profile, I was bombarded with messages from potential matches. One message in particular caught my eye; it was from a woman named Tamiko who lived in Japan. We started talking almost immediately and quickly developed a connection over our shared interests and values. We talked every day, learning more about one another’s lives and cultures until we finally decided to meet up in person after several months of getting to know each other online. Eventually, Tamiko asked me to move to Japan with her permanently so that we could be together forever – which is exactly what I did!

Final Thoughts

Summing up our detailed review of the EasternHoneys dating site, we can conclude that this online service is versatile. This online resource is suitable for both experienced and serious users as well as beginners in the world of international dating. Take a great opportunity to meet lovely Eastern women who are open to chatting with you.

What is the official verdict of our EasternHoneys review? In general, the site has everything you need that a good international dating portal should have. In particular, you will find some unique features such as streaming, a fresh news feed, the ability to subscribe to other single Asian women, a good live chat, and many different communication tools.

Compared other dating sites EasternHoneys is one of the best sites in its niche. It does not encourage its members to pay immediately after they join the international dating platform. What’s more, foreign men seeking attractive Asian women get free credits to test the following platform and decide whether they want to continue using it.


What is EasternHoneys?

EasternHoneys is an online dating site that connects men from around the world with women from the countries of China, Japan, and other parts of Asia.

What are the benefits of using EasternHoneys?

EasternHoneys offers a safe, secure and user-friendly platform for finding compatible matches. The site provides access to a wide variety of users and features such as translation services to facilitate communication.

How do I search for matches on EasternHoneys?

Users can search by age, location and other criteria to find potential matches on EasternHoneys.

Is EasternHoneys a scam?

No, EasternHoneys is not a scam. The site takes measures to ensure that all users are legitimate and actively works to identify scammers or fake accounts.

How much does EasternHoneys cost?

Prices for membership vary depending on your chosen duration. An annual subscription costs $159.99; monthly plans cost $29.99; and three month plans cost $79.99.

Is EasternHoneys worth it?

That depends on what you're looking for in an online dating service. If you want a secure platform with plenty of potential matches in an easy-to-use format, then EasternHoneys could be worth it for you.

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