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AsianDate Review

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If you’ve always wanted to get to know Asians better, learn about their culture and customs, or find yourself an Asian girl, you’ve come to the correct place. Our team of specialists researched and wrote this review so that regular people may understand what to anticipate from this Asian dating app.

Top Chinese Dating Sites We Recommend

9.2 is a commonly known dating website for Asian singles seeking for love. This article will provide you with an overview and explanation of the site, its features, costs, how the registration process works, and anything else that may be of interest to you while selecting a dating platform. Let’s check out the best AsianDate app altogether. Keep reading this AsianDate review to learn all the details about AsianDate login in and AsianDate dating website in general.

AsianDate Dating Site: Pros And Cons

The AsianDate dating site has advantages and disadvantages, just like any other. Let’s take a deeper look at what this site has going for it and what it doesn’t have going for it. Who knows, perhaps its flaws aren’t too severe or major for you, and AsianDate will be an excellent choice when it comes to choosing a dating site.

The dating site has many ways to interact with other users of the siteAsianDate’s mobile app is only available for Android users
There is no monthly fee, you pay with credits only during site usingThe persistent conversation pop-ups can be annoying and irritating
A huge user base of the dating site, more than 1 million peopleConstant use of functions exceeds the price of a monthly subscription
You can use the search function of other participants absolutely freeThere are a lot of messages from women, and it is impossible to stop
Asiandate main page

General Information About AsianDate

Here’s a quick rundown of the AsianDate site’s major characteristics. It provides very good statistics, which are superior to those provided by other similar mail order bride platforms.

Dominate age of womenAges 25 and up are the most prevalent
Profiles numberMore than 1 million people are registered
Member numberEvery day, more than 20 000 people login site
What countries coversAsian countries like China, Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam are covered
New members dailyEvery day, around 1,000 new members join the site

AsianDate Functionality and Features

Many elements on the AsianDate dating website may help make communication more pleasurable and engaging. All of them, of course, have something to do with interacting with other users.

  • In addition to email and instant messaging, you may use a new chat service called CamShare. It’s similar to a video call in which you can see each other in real-time.
  • Another feature is the ability to send stickers in a chat, which adds levity to your conversation.
  • Participants can also send virtual or physical flowers and gifts. This is useful even if your Asian wife lives a long distance away.
  • “Dating a female” is also an intriguing topic. This is a genuine encounter with a female in which you may meet an Asian woman in person.
  • You can even embark on a romantic excursion with your selected one. Naturally, AsianDate will handle the organizing. The romance trip costs $ 3895 and includes lodging at a high-end hotel, a US representative who is accessible 24 hours a day, and hospitality center services.
AsianDate search

SignUp Process to AsianDate

According to most of the dating reviews, the AsianDate team strives to make the AsianDate sign up and AsianDate login process as simple as possible. This may take no more than five minutes. If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to complete the registration process in no time. You will need the following items to register:

  1. Your email address
  2. Create a password
  3. Enter a name
  4. Enter a birth date
  5. Indicate the gender
  6. Select your sexual orientation

When you click “register,” you are not taken immediately to your profile. Instead, you will be routed to a page with a big number of profiles of Asian women. A message will also display at the top to remind you to complete the registration procedure. To do so, you must click on the link that is usually supplied to the e-mail address you gave during registration.

All that remains is to enter payment details. However, as previously stated, this site does not have a monthly membership and instead only charges for select services when they are used. We recommend that you start by seeing many girl profiles and using the 3-minute free chat.

Another thing to keep in mind is that only guys seeking ladies may register.

Free vs. Paid Version

The AsianDate site, like any other dating service, has made just the most basic capabilities available for free. Usually, they are insufficient for comfortable conversation. However, they do provide at least the opportunity to test the site in use. In our view, a premium version is required for a good dating experience. Read the table to find out what each version includes.

Registration is absolutely freeYou can reply to all messages and emails you receive
You may look through profiles and imagesYou may watch not only images of girls but also videos
You can only read emails from womenIt is possible to deliver both online and offline presents
You may search for female profiles with no limits in the filtersYou may even start a three-way call with an interpreter
AsianDate ladies online

Plans and Prices

As opposed to several other dating services, the AsianDate agency does not require a monthly subscription fee. Instead, you must get loans for a specific quantity of services at a specific period. Because not everyone uses dating websites every day, this technique is more convenient for many individuals. Credits are the ideal way for preventing money from being squandered. Let’s take a look at how much AsianDate cost and which credit package is the most lucrative.

Number of creditsCostPrice for 1 credit
20 credits$2.99$0.15
160 credits$96$0.60
1000 credits$399$0.40

If you want, you can configure your purchase to automatically renew. It is important to note that with continual usage of the site and constant credit purchases, this site is not cheap. If you want to use the online dating platform regularly and actively, it is advisable to find sites that provide a monthly or yearly subscription package.

How To Start Using AsianDate After Registration?

Following registration, you will receive an email requesting you to complete your profile. You will be asked to supply as much information about yourself as possible since this will considerably boost your chances of meeting a lady who is a good match for you.

The next stage is to identify an Asian girl with whom to communicate. AsianDate legit platform’s search engine is innovative and well-developed. It allows the user to locate the best matches in a matter of minutes. There are two types of searches: “basic” and “advanced.” The user has the option of selecting the possible partner’s age and nationality. It may also be a physical descriptor such as height, weight, or even eye color. You can also select your habits (such as smoking and drinking), family, and parenting status. The participant can also look for current online females. All of these characteristics combine to make the searching process simple and effective.

AsianDate device

Mobile Version of AsianDate Site

AsianDate dating site also offers a mobile app. However, only Android users have access to it. IOS users need not be concerned because the functionalities of an AsianDate mobile application and a website are nearly identical. The message button, which is positioned at the bottom of each woman’s profile, is the single advantage of the mobile application. This allows you to contact a certain female more quickly and effortlessly. New messages are also shown at the top of the screen as notifications. If you click the message, you’ll be sent to a conversation with this lady.

Safety & Security

Despite the fact that women are verified, many false identities and scammers reach the site while enrolling. You can get a lot of inquiries from strange ladies wanting you to transfer their money. To protect yourself, avoid clicking on any links that make you nervous. Take precautions.

However, not everything is as horrible as it appears at first look. AsianDate has ComodoCA SSL certification. This protocol allows you to see VPNs, encrypt emails, and authenticate mobile browser. Furthermore, your payment information is safeguarded by VISA Secure and Mastercard ID Check.

Customer Support

AsianDate customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with customer problems. Click the Help Center if you have any queries, technical problems, or other concerns. If you are an AsianDate member already who wants to AsianDate delete account, you need to contact the support team. Communication with the support team is also available through the following methods:

  • Customer service over the phone number
  • Email
  • FAQ. Answers to life’s most difficult questions

Is AsianDate Worth It?

It all depends on your requirements and preferences because even the greatest service cannot suit everyone’s requirements. However, let’s say you’re an Asian girl seeking an American or a European man looking for an Asian girl. In this scenario, the site is ideal for your amorous requirements. The streamlined procedure of registering and creating a time-saving profile is a compelling argument to try out the site. Because the site accepts credit cards, it is also appropriate if you want to use them just occasionally.

AsianDate testimonial

The Other Best Dating Sites

There are websites like this one that are excellent for Asian dating. Not all of them are specifically directed towards Asians, but they all have something to offer Asian guys. If you are single and want to find an Asian partner, you should start with one of these services. These are the greatest Asian dating sites, according to our study.

eHarmonyLarge user base and very strong match system
MatchThere are a lot of detailed profiles with a profile picture
EliteSinglesOver 80% of its users have a university degree
TrulyAsianFree features include signing up, browsing, some forms of chat, fav list


Is AsianDate Free?

The site offers free registration as well as the most basic functionality. However, in order to fully utilize the service, you must purchase credits.

Is AsianDate Safe?

This website is not completely safe. Your personal information (such as your Google Account) and credit card details are safeguarded on the site. However, the site will not protect you from fraudsters who may fool you for money. As a result, you must keep an eye on your personal safety in this situation.

What Is the Best Dating Site in Asia?

There are several good Asian dating sites, as we have already said. And AsianDate is one of them. It is impossible to name the best since each user requires distinct functions, thus it is all individual.

Who Owns AsianDate? is part of the worldwide corporation AnastasiaDate, which was created in 1993 with the goal of assisting partners seeking to discover their gorgeous companion of choice anywhere in the world.

Is AsianDate Any Good?

It all depends on why you need a dating site. If you are not going to use them every day, and you do not need to communicate with a large number of women, and you require intriguing functions of personal encounters with a girl, then AsianDate is a perfect option for you.

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