How to Please a Chinese Woman – Helpful Guide From an Expert

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Most stunning Chinese women are popular with Western men. They are popular not only for being young looking and athletic. Chinese girls are rather popular for being beautiful and sexy nonetheless. If you are seeking the right Chinese girl for marriage, you are on the right track if you have chosen a worthy mail bride agency. Most other Asian women often come to mind: why are Chinese ladies so popular and what is their appeal to Western men?

You can find out by judging her from personal experience after studying Chinese culture. You will notice a significant difference between a Western and a Chinese wife. One way or another, there are many differences including external factors as well as cultural traditions and norms. This is especially true for Chinese language you have to own as well.

Pay attention to the attractive appearance of local beauties and Chinese guys. Just look at their skin, figure, body, eyes, hair, and face. Even if you just look at these Asian girls walking down the street, you need to compliment them for their fair figures. This, of course, is only the visible side. But what about their Chinese lady characteristics? This is the most important factor that Western men want to know about an Asian woman.

How to Please a Chinese Woman

Best Chinese Dating Sites


Best Chinese Dating Sites

What Makes Chinese Girls So Attractive?

How to Impress a Chinese Girl?

Don’t Try Too Much to Impress

You might think that the only way to impress a cute China girl is to be rich and beautiful. In fact, most local girls don’t need these things to be impressed! To impress a China girlfriend, demonstrate simple gestures from you, for example, being a good listener and keeping the conversation going.

“Being natural radiating positive energy is the best way to please a Chinese girl instead of offering money and luxury.”

Be Confident in Yourself and Your Actions

Ask about your Oriental beauty, about her favorite places or what such a girl does for a living. Showing that you are interested in your new darling, she will feel comfortable having fun with you. In this way, your Asian lady will enjoy your first date. To find your exotic girl is real on some proven dating sites like EasternHoneys or AsianDate.

Don’t Be Too Prudish and Direct

Do not show these qualities in any case! Also, rid yourself of non-timid behavior and complexes. If you see that your female partner looks very beautiful today, then tell her directly about it. Show your lady that you admire her appearance and is impressed by her beauty to the point of memory loss.

Respect and Honor Her Family

If you are a foreigner, then you must understand that in China family comes first. China family culture is in the respect and love for one’s valued and respected family. They are taught to follow the teachings of their parents as well as their ancestors. Therefore, to increase the chances of creating a relationship with your Asian babe, get to know her family well and also respect it.

Be ready to tell your girl’s family that you are really interested in their lovely daughter and would like to make a marriage proposal. Getting the family’s approval is also a huge bonus for you. She would be impressed with your efforts in getting to know her family while seeking their approval.

Be Interested in Local Culture

Studying and appreciating local culture is an effective way to impress a China girl. Before you continue to attract the attention of a conservative Oriental girl, it would be a good idea to first study the culture and characteristics of a home country. It also includes learning about the dating culture in her homeland.

Another way is to ask the girl about China culture. She would love to share it with a sweetheart. Thus, most Chinese girls are excited when you ask them about their local culture and traditions. Such girls are very impressed that you are very interested in exploring her innermost. What really attracts China girls is that foreign grooms behave like they already know everything about China. So don’t waste your chances to become a know-it-all!

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How Do Chinese Women Communicate in Romantic Relationships?

One of the most annoying characteristics of all China females you can meet is that they are only trained to use a stick but not a carrot. There is a mentality among China girls that in order to get something they need complaints, threats, ultimatums, and the rejection of intimacy. The thought goes like this: if a person is never satisfied, one will want to get something more.

Succumb to Your Women’s Strategy

As a man, you can either ignore the strategy or give in to it. If you ignore it, the Asian lady will increase the pressure. Life will become unbearable. If you give in to it, then positive reinforcement will perpetuate the cycle indefinitely. Every China dame uses this strategy with great success. However, there is a cultural expectation that a man will simply insist.


This problem is exacerbated by the fact that Chinese ladies are indirect. By the time she openly talks about something, it is too late for a man to avoid her reproaches. For example, she might say that she doesn’t care if you bring a friend to eat. After the friend leaves, she tells you to get out. And here is the catcher! No matter how well you clean as your indirect wife will not be pleased at all! Even though she has made it clear that she doesn’t like friends, the spouse will still be adamant that you can bring anyone home.

Hierarchy Has Its Roots

We often see how a quiet Chinese girl is relieved to accept proposals made by others. In her traditional virtues of serving father, brother, husband, and son. She is a daughter, sister, wife, and mother in the end. The social role of the Confucian paternal hierarchy has its roots in East Asian and Chinese overseas communities.

If you want your lady to fit in with your Western idea of ​​individualism, she’ll be horrified at not knowing how to fit in the identity or where to inscribe the priority in her cultural contexts. Then perhaps the emotional outcome is that she is unable to confront resentment in society (verbally or mentally). Thus, we get the recession to unfathomable sadness during conflicts.

To Sum Up

Despite some conservative views and closeness of Chinese ladies, you will be able to impress your Asian beauty. Winning the heart of such a lady is quite real if you a honor her culture and family. By entering into relationships with Chinese brides, you can change yourself for the better and still feel needed and irreplaceable.



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