Chinese Brides: Statistics & Cost & Legality in 2024

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China is an exotic and majestic country with its own tricks. This is the place where you will find Chinese mail order brides with big requests and not so much. Chinese mail brides are famous for being chosen by Western foreigners. When you choose the most suitable Chinese dating site, you will have a great opportunity to pick up the best Chinese mailed brides.

💰 Average cost of mail order bride from China$1,000 – $5,000
💍 Average marriage age for Chinese mail order wives20 y.o.
💡 Marriage rate of Chinese women for marriage5.8 marriages per 1,000 Chinese mail order wives
🔑 Best online dating platforms of single Chinese ladiesAsian Melodies

Chinese brides for marriage are known as a stunning attraction for single love seekers who have a soft spot for exotic Chinese girls for marriage. Being friendly and hospitable towards worthy foreign men, mail order Chinese brides are among the most desirable wives in the world. Chinese mail order wife knows how to seduce Western guys with a remarkable appearance as well as feminine mannerisms and incomparable devotion.

Would you like to meet the gorgeous China mail order bride? Find out more about such a woman. Think properly whether it is worth building a future with such a sophisticated Chinese lady. Today, you will find out the prices and general characteristics of mail order brides from China.

Best Chinese Dating Sites


Best Chinese Dating Sites

Chinese Lady For Marriage: Best Statistics

“Future Chinese bride can be arbitrarily beautiful, rich, and sexy. If Chinese women does not know how to sincerely love her man, she is unlikely to find real mutual feelings.”

“A beautiful woman is pleasing to the eyes but a kind woman to the heart. One is a beautiful thing, and the other is a treasure.”

This is one reason to meet Chinese brides in order to build personal happiness.

❓Can I buy a Chinese mail brideYes
💃 % single hot women in China75%
💕 Does China have a hookup culture?Yes

Meet Chinese Brides Here 👇💋

Rating 10
Rating 9.9
Rating 9.8
Rating 9.7
Rating 9.6
Rating 9.5

Why Do Chinese Women Become Mail Order Brides?

Why do Chinese females become mail-order brides? This is a kind of traditional approach to online dating. Still, you can find Chinese women on international dating platforms.

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How to Meet a Chinese Mail Order Bride?

The fastest and most effective way to find a mail bride from China is online dating. You can choose a rich Chinese dating site like EasternHoneys to find attractive Chinese brides. You won’t even leave your home to find thousands single Chinese. The only thing you have to do is to sign up for the most suitable Asian mail order bride site. Yet, this is not the only reasonable to get acquainted with the right one. If you prefer common dating websites, you will find there Chinese woman that match your criteria.

Best 5 Dating Sites to Find Chinese Mail Brides

  1. EasternHoneys
  2. AsianMelodies
  3. LoverWhirl
  4. OrchidRomance
  5. FindAsianBeauty

What Is the Most Successful Website to Find a Chinese Brides?

EasternHoneys is the most successful dating site with beautiful Asian women. This online dating service is one of the best in its niche. EasternHoneys is the best China dating site where thousands of single mail brides are looking for a new courtship with a satisfactory outcome.

  • 9.9

EasternHoneys is a website that has over 320,000 monthly visits. This online resource is a real way to meet amazing singles who are mostly Chinese females. The Eastern Honeys website has several useful communication tools as well as free and paid services and a vast database of singles ready for romantic adventures.

Chinese Brides dating Rules

How Do I Find a Chinese Mail Bride Offline?

You can find Chinese mail brides right on the streets of spacious Beijing. Moreover, do not forget that such ladies can also be found in any cafe, restaurant or sports club. One way or another, Asia is not only an exotic but a fascinating continent for travel and new acquaintances with charming Asians. Still, visiting China just as a tourist is far from the best way to meet single Chinese.

Many Chinese ladies can speak English with a foreigner and even go on a couple of dates. But at first, it will be difficult for such ladies to think of a guy as a potential husband. If you are an avid social media user, then you have probably seen countless attractive Chinese ladies who are very outgoing.

You can try your luck and chat with one or more of them. But this method doesn’t always work the way you want. You’d better meet a Chinese live to understand who Chinese women really is for you. Women in China are so accustomed to attention from men that Chinese mail order brides almost never go on social media and rarely respond to messages from guys they’ve never seen before.

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Exclusive interview with a Chinese bride 😏

Hi Mei Lin! What made you consider being a mail-order bride?

Hey! I wanted to explore connections beyond my town, seek someone with an open heart from a different part of the world.

Interesting! What qualities matter most in a partner for you?

Kindness and openness. I'm looking for someone who values cultural exchange and a genuine connection.

Nice. Any surprises or challenges so far?

Language was a challenge, but I'm learning. Cultural differences are interesting, a mix of adjustment and excitement.

Beautiful! Any advice for those considering a similar path?

Be patient, be yourself, and enjoy the journey. Connections take time, but it's worth it.

Thanks, Mei Lin! Best of luck on your journey!

Where to Buy a Chinese Mail Bride?

To “buy a Chinese mail bride”, contact one of the best marriage agencies. Actually, you can’t buy a mail order wife, literally. All you have to do is turn to marriage agents to arrange a long-awaited meeting with a potential Asian wife.

Sites for ordering a mail order bride Chinese work according to the same system as regular international dating services. You subscribe to the service of selecting the best mail order bride China, fill out the questionnaire and start communicating with potential brides, thus, developing your relationships with the help of modern online technologies. When you feel confident that you have found exactly the right woman you want to marry, get to know her in real life and then propose to her.

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Is It Legal to Buy a Chinese Mail Bride?

Buying mail-order brides is illegal. In fact, very few marriage agencies currently play the role of conscientious matchmakers as foreign single men these days prefer to have more control over their search for a mail bride.

In most modern Western countries, it is legal to marry Asian mail-order brides. The only requirement in most foreign countries is that such a marriage must be formal and well-thought out. It means a real marriage with no intention of the mail bride from abroad to obtain only permanent resident status (that is, obtaining a green card in the United States in individual states).

Chinese mail brides must come to the US on a pre-made K-1 visa, not on a regular tourist visa. Under the law, entering the United States on a visitor visa with the intention of marrying a foreign resident (i.e., a US resident) is considered fraud and not accepted by government agencies. If your Chinese mail-order wife comes to the US on a K-1 visa, there is nothing illegal about it.

Dating stories Chinese couples

Success Story #1 Image
Xiao Li & Zhang Wei AsianMelodies logo
When Xiao Li first saw Zhang Wei on a popular Chinese dating website, she knew she had found her perfect match. Zhang Wei was everything she had ever wanted in a partner – he was handsome, intelligent, and funny. After messaging back-and-forth for a few weeks, they finally met in person. It was love at first sight. They quickly began dating and within months, they were talking about getting married. Now, Xiao Li and Zhang Wei are one of the happiest couples around. They credit their success to the fact that they found each other through online dating – something that may not have been possible without modern technology. If you’re looking for love, don’t discount the power of the internet. You never know where you’ll find your soulmate.
Success Story #2 Image
Li Meng & Zhang Jing EasternHoneys logo
When Li Meng first signed up for a dating website, she had no idea what to expect. She was looking for love and companionship, and hoped to find someone who shared her values and interests. She didn't have long to wait. Within a few weeks of joining the site, she met a man who seemed perfect for her. His name was Zhang Jing, and he was everything she could ever want in a partner. He was kind, gentle and loving, and he soon won her heart. The two of them started dating, and their relationship quickly blossomed into true love. They spent every moment they could together, and their bond only grew stronger with each passing day. Eventually, they decided to get married, and they had a beautiful wedding ceremony. They were truly happy together, and it seemed like nothing could ever come between them.

How Much Does a Chinese Mail Bride Cost?

Type of expensesCosts
❣️ Cost of communication on a dating site:from $150 per month depending on the website and services
✈️ Cost of flight tickets:from $150 – $300
🎁 Cost of gifts for the bride:from $100- $1,000 and more
🏨 Cost of hotel accommodation:$180 – $250 per night
🍷 Expenses for restaurants and cafes:from $25 – $300
🇺🇸 Emigration costs:from $1,500
💰 Other:from 1,000 – $5,000

How Much Does It Cost to Bring a Chinese Bride Over?

The average price for a mail-order bride to bring her to a US country has increased significantly from 76,000 yuan ($12,000) to 135,000 yuan ($21,170) as the statistics states. If you want your fiancée to become a US citizen, then consider wedding expenses, visa, and residence documents for your Asian spouse. High Chinese mailed bride prices have contributed to various social unrest, including corruption such as male larceny.

How Many Chinese Women Actually Marry With Bride Price?

The statistics of mail order brides is impressive. Most Chinese mail brides manage to quickly and, most importantly, successfully marry foreigners. Anyway, foreign gentlemen who are really interested in mail order ladies from China do not spare a dime for acquiring and retaining a mail bride. Nearly 10,000 Asian brides a year become foreign wives and go to live abroad.

Do Chinese Girls for Marriage Make Good Wives for Americans?

Chinese wives make excellent companions for foreign men. The whole point is that it is these oriental beauties who know how to show their greatness, femininity, and rebelliousness. Chinese wives are quite loyal in relationships, but they can also be impregnable. Actually, this zest makes many foreign suitors think about marrying unique Asian women. This explains why they are so sought after by both Chinese and Western bachelors.

What Is the Success Rate of an American Man Finding a Chinese Bride?

The ratio of successful marriages of Western men (including Americans) to Chinese mail brides was recently about 50.7%, indicating that the number of successful marriages has exceeded half the number of divorces. China has the highest successful foreign marriage rate of 72.5% followed by the three northeastern provinces of Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang, that is over 60% on average.

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Chongqing, China photo
Chongqing, China photo
Chongqing, China photo
Chongqing, China
Location Mumbai, India
Age 28
Occupation Software Engineer
Religion Hindu
Hobbies Reading, Yoga
English level Fluent
Weight 56
Height 164
About me Aisha is a modern woman with deep-rooted cultural values. She combines her successful career with a love for traditional Indian arts. Aisha is looking for a partner who shares her passion for intellectual conversations and is open to embracing the best of both worlds - the contemporary and the traditional.
Mei Li
Location Beijing, China
Age 30
Occupation Architect
Religion Confucianism
Hobbies Photography, Tea
English level Intermediate
Weight 63
Height 176
About me Mei Li is a graceful blend of tradition and modernity. Her career in architecture reflects her appreciation for design and aesthetics. Mei Li values harmony in relationships and hopes to find a partner who appreciates Chinese culture and is open to embracing new experiences together.
Sakura Tanaka
Location Tokyo, Japan
Age 26
Occupation Designer
Religion Shintoism
Hobbies Ikebana, Anime
English level Fluent
Weight 52
Height 162
About me akura is a creative soul who finds inspiration in the beauty of her surroundings. She seeks a partner who appreciates the delicate balance between modern urban life and the tranquility of traditional Japanese arts. Sakura dreams of building a life filled with love, creativity, and shared cultural experiences.

How Much Will It Cost to Take a Chinese Bride to the USA?

  1. Services of an interpreter from a marriage agent. There is a small chance that either you or your potential Chinese spouse speaks some English. In most cases, your potential Asian spouse’s cost will include additional interpreter services. Written translation usually costs about $0.1-0.2 per word, while an interpreter and an experienced translator charges about $2 per minute.
  2. The cost of dates and gifts. As a gentleman, you are sure that all Chinese females are into the “right boys”. If you want to make a deep impression on your Asian lady, then kindly make an appointment at a decent restaurant and spend a romantic evening with the chic lady of your dreams. Such an unusual dinner will cost you about $100 or more. Also, do not forget to give your baby from China a gorgeous bouquet. A Chinese girl will appreciate it one hundred percent! Such a luxurious gift will cost you about $50.
  3. Visiting the bride in China:
  1. Wedding. Once you’ve gotten engaged to your Chinese lady, it’s time to budget for your grand wedding. If you are planning a chic celebration in a luxurious restaurant, then the price for such an event in an establishment can be about 7-8 thousand dollars. This amount also includes your outfit and the bride’s outfit as well as car rental, photo and video operator services, and restaurant rental.

Why Is China One of the Best Countries to Find a Wife?

There are many advantages to finding a wife in China. Chinese are good life partners. However, it will be difficult to get used to another culture. China is a country with very diverse differences in culture, language, customs, and economic level as well.

Women from this eastern land of the rising sun always have something to offer in many aspects of life. The attitude towards the love life of Chinese females directly depends on whether such ladies are from urban or rural areas. Chinese girls from rural areas are more conservative about family and love values, while women from big cities are independent and self-reliant.

Chinese ladies are very caring, faithful, and tender in relationships. Chinese mail order brides become outstanding housewives and mothers. They take great pride in running the household. Chinese wives maintain relationships with their husbands, respectfully preserving their culture wherever Chinese brides live.

You Met the Chinese Bride – What’s Next?

Where to start dating a cute Chinese girl? In order not to push the girl away before talking to her, look at her and think about how much she is disposed to communicate. If you don’t know how to start dating a girl, then try to at least say one of the compliments other than the banal: “You look damn attractive!”

For starters, it’s better to write something neutral. Ask the pretty what her hobbies are and how she usually spends her day. It would be nice if you directly tell her that you liked her based on correspondence or photos. Still, the option of meeting in person plays a more decisive role.

chinese mail order wife

What Are the Cultural Differences Between Japanese and Chinese Brides?

HouseholdChinese wives are very scrupulous about looking after their homes and are good housewives. Chinese mail order brides do not like noisy parties, after which they have to clean up a lot after not always welcomed guests.Japanese know how to prove themselves as high-quality and attentive housewives. But unlike domestic and alienated Chinese, they love noisy parties and often arrange gatherings at home.
MotherhoodLadies from China are strict but fair mothers. They don’t lose sight of their babies. Chinese brides teach them very well and cope with children until they become independent. Chinese females are not in a hurry to give birth, but they are always happy with a newborn.Japanese women can give birth in any age, and raising children is not strange to them. They have inherited the cultural stereotypes of their ancestors and honor their parents as well as their firstborn. Japanese women bring up children as correctly as possible, but at the same time, they do not allow them extra liberties.
IntimacyChinese seem cold in sex. Yet their desire to satisfy their spouses has not gone away. They can be playful kitties in bed and tempestuous lovers.Japanese mistresses are very gentle and sweet in sex. They know how to satisfy a partner and always come up with something new in bed.
Cooking AbilitiesLadies from China love to cook and always pamper their families with new dishes. Cooking is an integral part of married life to them.Japanese cooks prefer light cuisine. Although they love to cook, they don’t really concern with it.

Chinese Wives Scams

❗ Data Scam

Be especially vigilant when choosing one or another dating platform. Do not transfer information to a third party so that Chinese brides do not use your data for their own purposes.

❗ “Send Money”

Never fall for the phrase: “Send money.” First, not the fact that the funds will go in the right direction. There are scam sites that fraud potential users. Some unscrupulous scammers who hide behind fake profiles.

❗ Fake Chinese Mail Order Brides

Unfortunately, not all sites of mail brides suggest verification. The selection of candidates is not always thorough. You can probably fall for fake mail brides if you don’t know who you’re really dealing with.

❗ Fake Chinese Mail Bride Websites

You may end up on a couple of fake Chinese mail bride sites. Do not fall for the tricks of scammers. Avoid unverified online sites. For example, LoveMe is an inappropriate site where you can run into scammers.


If you have met Chinese brides, it is definitely worth trying to start a relationship with such ladies. These are quite interesting and mysterious ladies, and you will never get bored with Chinese brides. Chinese women can be loyal spouses and passionate lovers.



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