How to Date a Chinese Woman

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Chinese ladies are well known as one of the most attractive women from Asia. More and more foreign men want to meet girls from China. If you are also looking for relationships with one of these Asian girls, you need to know how to date a Chinese woman.

China has a lot of dating traditions that are different from Western countries. That’s why it is important to learn some information about dating Chinese women first. In this article, we want to share with you information about these charming girls, their dating culture, and tips to get a Chinese woman’s heart.

Best Chinese Dating Sites


Best Chinese Dating Sites

Do Chinese Women Make Good Wives?

Sometimes the sympathy of men to Asian girls is based only on attractive appearance or TV shows’ characters. But when you seek international long-term relationships, it is very critical to know what to expect from potential partners. Let’s find out if women from China make good wives.

Personality Traits

Most Chinese citizens grew up under the influence of rich local culture. Such a background is common for people there. It forms the particular image of ideal traits for women.

For many centuries, women in Asian families have been the ones who care about a household, children, and family happiness. They are caring, loving, and a great supporter of their husbands. Most girls in modern China possess these traits, but also bring new ones.

Almost all local ladies are well educated and build careers. They are dedicated, self-sufficient, but still very feminine and cute. Starting dating a Chinese girl is an opportunity to get an amazing partner. She will be a good wife who can combine career and home duties to build a happy life together.

Family Values

When you start to date Chinese women you will find out how family-oriented they are. All people in China take care of their parents during their whole life. Parents are also frequently involved in seeking a future partner for their children. Their approval for the future husband is very important. Local girls always treat elder relatives with respect and visit them regularly, or even live under one roof with them.

As much as each of these ladies value her parents, she will also make for her husband and child. You can feel true love and care from the first days of dating a Chinese woman. They have a lot of household skills, for example, cooking. That’s why to be ready to try Chinese cuisine and be surrounded with instant care.

Chinese Women VS American Women

What are the main differences between Chinese and Western women? It is a popular question because every man is used to the particular model of relationships and can be surprised with the way a Chinese lady sees their life together. Here you can see the table where we compare the most usual traits of girls from China with American ones.

Chinese Girls American Girls
They tend to their families. Parents are usually involved in raising grandchildren or even live under one roof These girls respect their parents but don’t involve them in their personal life.
Their communication style is usually indirect, they like hints They talk openly
They aren’t used to privacy and personal space. They like privacy and personal space
They don’t start relationships quickly, prefer serious relationships. Both short and long-term romantic relationships are normal for them

Chinese Dating Culture

Every country has its own traditions in dating and relationships. The dating culture in China can surprise you or cause misunderstandings with your partner. To avoid such situations and be prepared for dating Chinese girlfriend, it is important to know more about their culture. Here you will find some answers that help you with dating Oriental woman.


The first thing you need to know is the average age when Chinese women date or seek a partner in China. It is common in their society to start relationships after reaching 20. Usually, a boyfriend is older than his girlfriend. The perfect age for marriage is 22-28 for women and 26-30 for men.

Most relatives tend to judge a girl who is not married at the age of 25-30. Parents will try to find a husband for her. But a lot of modern ladies prefer to get an education and a job first and start serious relationships after reaching 25. Because of all these factors and the pressure from the parents and society, more and more girls choose to seek Western men who are less worried about age.

The First Date

First dates are very important for future relationships. It is a time when a man has to show his serious intentions and reliability. There is a cult of “face” in China, which means that everyone talks about cars, apartments, and financial resources to impress a girl. The first date is all about a good impression, but not in the way people in western countries are used to. They want to show not only their personal traits but also how rich they are. Most couples choose a nice restaurant where a man shows how much he can afford. Foreigners can find it very materialistic, but they are just pragmatic and understand the importance of financial resources for a comfortable life.

Traditional Girls vs Modern Girls

There are a lot of different people in China. In big cities like Beijing or Shanghai, Chinese ladies are more westernized. In many other regions, ladies are more conservative and follow traditions. Choosing a girl for dating in China as a foreigner will be much easier with knowledge of differences between traditional and modern women.

Traditional Modern
More family-oriented More talkative
Quite shy Confident and independent
Diligent Well-educated
Respectful Focused on career

As you can see, Chinese women are quite diverse. On dating sites, you will find ladies with different characters. Choose Chinese women dating with whom seems more comfortable for you and start online dating!

How to Date a Chinese Girl

It’s great to know about dating culture in China but much better is to know how to successfully date a Chinese woman. Now we want to give you some dating Chinese girlfriend tips that will help to impress them. Here is our advice to you:

Spend With Her as Much Time as You Can

If you are wondering how to date a traditional Chinese woman, this tip is for you. At the start of your relationship, she will be shy and too quiet sometimes. It is easy to change with instant communication. When the girl sees your interest she becomes more confident. You will notice how emotional and cheerful your girlfriend is in fact. She can also start to show her feelings to you in public, which is a sign she feels completely comfortable with you. All you need is to be patient and thoughtful.

Ask About Her Family

As we mentioned earlier, family is the main value for Chinese women. That’s why it is important to listen to her when she tells you something about family. It’s right to don’t meet her parents in the early stages of your romantic relationship. For many families, it is a sign of your readiness for marriage. But asking about her parents’ health is the best you can do. In this way, you show your interest and love to her.

Make a Good First Impression

Earlier in this article, we talked about the cult of “face”. For everyone in China women dating is first based on showing a man’s best traits and achievements. Pay your restaurant bills, send her gifts, show your interest instantly – these are common tips on how to date a Chinese woman who is conservative. Dating becomes even more interesting and exciting with modern women from big cities. They are self-sufficient and usually have successful careers. Every modern Chinese lady looking for husband who is financially secure and will treat her equally. What to do and how to get a Chinese girl like this? Well, the best you can do is show respect to her, her interests, and her career. She will appreciate it more than anything else!

Learn the Chinese Language

Even the most basic words will help you to impress a woman. How to flirt with a Chinese girl? The wonderful idea is to use Chinese words! It is especially useful when you don’t have the opportunity to meet offline and communicate on a dating site. All people in China know how hard it is to learn their language. When a foreigner can say even two phrases, it is impressive for Chinese people. That’s why we recommend learning some words to show your girlfriend how much you want to be with her.

How to Know if a Chinese Girl Likes You

Do you start to communicate with a woman but her reactions or emotions don’t give the understanding of her feelings to you? It is a common situation that a lot of men are confused during first dates with a woman from China. Local girls are always shy at the beginning and like indirect speech. Don’t worry, we know how to tell if a Chinese girl likes you or not. Keep with us to know all the secrets!

Her Body Language

Does she keep eye contact and hold your hand? Congrats, she really likes you and feels safe with you. For any woman in China, minimizing distance and touching a man’s hand is not a usual thing. They can do it only with people they like and want to be with. Another sign of a girl’s feelings toward you is the changes in her behavior. She can blush and stutter which is a good sign for you!

It can be harder to see something like that for those who communicate on dating services. At the offline date, you can see your partner and understand his emotions better. Online dating works in another way. It is fine that messages can be misunderstood. The way you can find out more about your partner’s emotions is by using a video chat. In this way, you will see your partner and understand his mood. But the better method to find out during an online date if the girl likes you is described below.

She Tends to Talk With You Constantly

When a Chinese woman falls in love with someone, it is impossible to stop her from constant messages and video calls to you. She will want to know everything about your day, your interests, your problems. It is the way she cares about you. You might think that such behavior is annoying, but we want to assure you that everything is not that bad. Women in China know when to stop and make this only to understand that you are really interested in her. Once she becomes confident in your feelings for her, she stops sending you an enormous number of messages. This way of showing sympathy is usually used by traditional women. If you want to know about the emotions of modern girls, read the next point.

She Looks Incredible All the Time

If a woman you like always dresses up in amazing outfits, high heels, and puts on makeup you can be sure of her love. Most women will never put on uncomfortable clothes without any reason, especially Chinese ones. They always look good but also try to choose something more comfortable. That’s why her incredible look is a sign to you of her sympathy. When we talk about modern Chinese girls, they will also give you some direct hints. After this, you won’t have any doubts about her feelings.


Chinese women are one of the best Oriental women and are popular among Western men. It is not surprising because these beauties are smart, family-oriented, and loyal. International dating is always challenging because of cultural differences, especially when we talk about relationships between Asians and Americans. Everyone who really wants to win a Chinese girl’s heart has to learn about her culture first.

Now you know how to get a Chinese girl to like you. We hope this information will help you to find an amazing partner in China and build a happy family.

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