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In traditional Chinese culture, marriage is one of the most important milestones in life. Since childhood, they have learned the importance of solid family ties. Thus, the Chinese market is overwhelmed with dating services that help to find love rather than hookups. But are all of them worth your attention? It definitely is. What is Jiayuan.com, and why is it so good, we’ll explain in this review.

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Short Review (Editor’s Summary)

Jiayuan.com International, Ltd. runs a Chinese largest online dating agency, and this is the first thing you need to learn from the review. The company strives to provide a reliable, efficient, and user-oriented online dating platform that meets the dating and marriage needs of the rapidly growing urban single population. The company organizes about 1,000 large-scale courtship events in 100 Chinese cities and an annual “mass marriage” event for members. According to reviews, Jiayuan is a China-oriented platform providing services only for locals. So is Jiayuan a good dating site for foreign love-seekers? Let’s see it together in our Jiayuan review of website.

Overall Rating

😎 Partner Suggestions 7.8
💰 Price Performance 8.8
🌟 Service 9
😍 Free Features 7.9
🤳 Ease of Use 8
✅ Safety 7

Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

❎ Cons

Reputation And History

According to reviews, Jiayuan was founded in 2003 by current CEO Rose Gong in the dormitory of Fudan University in Shanghai. It is the largest legit dating site in China in terms of income, the total number of subscribers, and monthly active members. Keep reading the review to learn more.

Unlike many American dating sites, Chinese dating sites often focus on finding a wife or husband, and our review on Jiayuan dating site proves it to be the same. Jiayuan was designed to help Chinese singles find marriage and discourage their members from casual relationships.

According to Alexa.com, Jiayuan is the 60th most visited website in China and the 336th most popular website in the world.

In October 2010, the website launched the wedding planning service Xique.com to assist couples in organizing the wedding.

Jiayuan main page

Website and App Interface

Chinese dating services stand out in the market with their superb design. What amazed us while writing this review was the high functionality of the Jiayuan mobile app. Everything on Jiayuan is clear and straightforward, if only you know Chinese, of course. Proceed with this detailed review for more details.

What about design, we found it pretty attractive. The homepage is dominated by white with touches of soft pink. Such a tender combination creates a pleasant background and doesn’t distract users from the main purpose of the website. What we disliked is the inconsistency of the site’s colors when you scroll down. Dark grey combined with blue and white creates a feeling like it was composed of different parts. The design is a matter of taste, though. Also, remember that browsing the site as a guest is a bit problematic. The registration form will appear every 5 seconds offering you to sign up. This makes the review the best way to find out the truth about Jiayuan without registering. Find the answer to the questions, “is Jiayuan worth it?”

Registration Process

The signup process on the platform is free, with immediate full search access to the site’s database. Upon registration, you have to mention your gender, date of birth, country, and marital status (widowed, divorced, or single). On the top of the screen, there is a special login form for foreign users. According to Jiayuan dating reviews, there are 2 main conditions to acquire the site’s membership:

1) Must be a person with full legal capacity who has reached the age of 18 on the date of registration;

2) You must be single on the day of registration and then while using the dating service reviewed.

In general, during the review, we found the registration process very easy and fast to complete.

How Does Jiayuan Work?

As you know from this review, Jiayuan is one of the most favorite dating services in China. It allows users to join free of cost and start interacting at a minimum cost. Apart from providing users with basic communication services, it also offers a few outstanding features.

They launched the new live stream feature this past January with an interesting twist. Instead of two users opting to chat with each other over the app in private (like with Facetime), a user can set up a chat topic and see if someone wants to join. Once one person accepts and the two start a chat, it becomes a broadcast where other users can watch and comment.

Having joined the community, you can expect to have the most interacting romantic experience in your life.

Jiayuan members

Profile Quality

Upon registration, all profiles on Jiayuan go through a verification process. In order to join the website, you have to provide your phone number that will be used for further verification. The platform admins treat this issue seriously. According to positive reviews and negative reviews, they do their best to eliminate scam activity on the site.

What about the informativeness of profiles, it’s up for everyone. You can fill out your account with all the necessary information about your character and illustrate your personality with a nice photo. Of course, in this case, your chances of finding a match are extremely high. Keep reading the review to learn more.

You can also choose to leave your profile half empty. Then, don’t wonder why you can’t succeed. Remember that an interesting profile is the presentation of your personality. The harder you try, the more feedback you get.

Partner Search

The search filter is another great option available on the platform. In the review, we found Jiayuan free search highly effective when it comes to finding a special one. The site’s search engine will pick you up a perfect match, depending on your preferences. All you need is to tick the corresponding box. On the Jiayuan dating site, you can sort out the members by the criteria of location, appearance, occupation, marital status, and etc. Keep reading the review for more details.

Besides, this is one more reason to fill out all the necessary information while registering. By doing so, you let your account be noticed by more hot singles.

Jiayuan Alternatives

Dating and marriage are very important in Chinese society. In a society where technologies set the rhythm, more and more singles prefer online dating over traditional dates. Thus, you may well find plenty of Chinese dating websites and apps that are only focused on local singles. However, there is also a great number of websites that specialize in pairing Chinese girlfriends. A matrimonial agency has to meet your needs, after all. So here are the Jiayuan alternatives rich with beautiful ladies. You can compare them with Jiayuan reviews to come up with the most convenient service.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Having registered on the website, users get access to several free services including, free account creation, posting photos and browsing other profiles, saving their preferences, and sending messages.

According to reviews, the company started charging for messaging services on the website in October 2008. Our review found that they offer the following two basic plans.

Initial Message Fees

Payment of the initial message fee allows individuals to contact one another for RMB2.00. While a user initiates contact by sending a message to another user free-of-charge, either the sender or the recipient must pay the RMB2.00 fee in order for the recipient to be able to read the message. Keeper reading the review for more details.

Periodic Subscription Fees

Users can also pay for periodic subscriptions, allowing them to send up to 100 messages per day or read an unlimited number of messages during the subscription period.

The periodic subscription also includes “diamond membership”, which gives the users unlimited access to sending and reading messages, as well as access to advanced features in “advanced membership”.

Benefits of Advanced Membership

Advanced membership opens a whole new range of possibilities, including the following:

The website provides users with the flexibility of choice. Payment options include online banking, online payment, wire transfer, postal remittance, and cash.

Jiayuan happy couple

Safety & Security

Jiayuan takes the security issue seriously. The site does its best to ensure the security and reliability of your personal information. The Jiayuan dating site review is focused on building the image of a trustworthy and safe community.

Their network infrastructure is designed to provide a high level of availability, performance, security, and scalability. According to reviews, it is based on a free set of open source software, commonly referred to as “LAMP”.

They use several levels of security to protect data transmission and prevent unauthorized access. For security reasons, they also keep all the production servers behind firewalls and do not allow external access at the operating system level. Nevertheless, no matter how serious the security measures are there on the site, don’t neglect your own privacy. Don’t disclose any sensitive data that can be used against you. Keep reading the review to find the answer to the questions “Is Jiayuan worth paying for”.

Help & Support

When it comes to customer support, is Jiayuan any good? When preparing this review, we found that the website’s user support team operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customer support has a wider range of responsibilities than in American dating websites. Not only it answers the members’ questions about the work of the website, such as billing and technical issues. In addition, it can help you with many more issues. The Jiayuan team of user support representatives helps members with matters such as completing profile descriptions and personal essays and choosing photos for their profile. The user support team on the platform also reviews new and updated profiles and plays an integral role in implementing the site’s online security measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jiayuan Safe?

It’s absolutely so. They utilize an open-source software bundle referred to as LAMP,” which consists of a software combination using a Linux operating system, Apache HTTP Server web server software, MySQL database management system and PHP, Perl and/or Python programming language. You can be sure that all your data are reliably protected from interception. You can fortify the security level if you are cautious about your own privacy.

Is Jiayuan Worth It?

Yes. The website has everything to meet your needs. However, how satisfying your experience would depend also on you. Don’t treat your stay in Jiayuan as fun. The website’s members are serious about their intentions. They search for a long-term affair with a reliable partner. Consider that before registering. Otherwise, you might be disappointed.

Is Jiayuan.com Free?

As you already understand from the Jiayuan.com review, the website is partly free. It has several services available for free subscribers. These include account opening, uploading of pictures, and surfing through profiles of other members. To communicate with ladies, pumper them with virtual gifts, and improve your search ranking, you will have to purchase one of the membership plans. This is very typical for all dating sites.

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