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Due to the hype about dating Asians, our specialists wanted to do the AsianDating review platform. They also wanted to officially assess whether the site is worth the money. So far, testers have tested dating on various platforms, now it’s AsianDating platform turn.

So, did we enjoy the video chat, or did we fall for AsianDating dating website? Here is our review of, details of which can be found below.

How we reviewed AsianDating?
When we test online dating websites, we use the same set of opening lines and profile information, so we can give you a fair comparison with the best apps and websites available. After spending so much time and effort, this is the only way to really experience the site and its value!

A proper investigation takes a lot of time and money, but it is the only way to find out the truth about the meeting of different platforms.

The verification process by our testers looks like this:

  1. Spent a few weeks using the AsianDating free and paid versions.
  2. Explored every corner of the site and tested all the different features
  3. Several dozen messages were sent to different women
  4. Proven methods were consistently applied, resulting in hundreds of dates.
  5. Read a lot of reviews

They usually check how many women and men are willing in AsianDating meet them in real life, but the site’s algorithm randomly connects you with women from all over the world, making this almost impossible.

AsianDating main page

Best Chinese Dating Sites

AsianDating review in 11 seconds

  1. The right dating site to find Asian partners around the world
  2. The men who sign up are usually non-Asian foreigners looking to meet single Asian women.
  3. Translation tools are available because participants live on different continents.
  4. Matches participants by location to increase the chances of a successful meeting.
  5. Get 30% more special features with Platinum compared to Gold for a small price difference.
  6. There are reports of AsianDating fake profiles on the website, asking for paid chats with male members.
  7. AsianDating members can join other Cupid Media sites using their accounts through the Cupid Passport feature.
  8. The price is not too high and not too low, but is in the middle range compared to similar sites.
  9. You can use AsianDating for free
  10. Prices start from £9.33 per month.

Overall AsianDating Rating

Category Assessment
Quality Matches 4/5
Features 4/5
Ease of Use 5/5
Support 4/5
Cost 5/5


Best for: Singles who want to fall in love and have a serious relationship with Asians
⏳ Recommended age: 25-44
Percentage of women: 60%
Average Sign-Up Time 5 minutes

Pros and Cons of the AsianDating review 2024

Pros Cons
✓The leading Asian dating site The site is user-friendly, but it needs a few changes to make it even easier to use.
✓ Prices for paid memberships are lower than many other industries. There is no mobile app for iOS device users, only for Android
✓ Ability to reply to members without an updated account

Registration process at AsianDating review

Registration on took us less than five minutes. You can sign up with your Facebook account or enter your basic information. Even though Asian Dating has some large profiles with a lot of fields that you have to fill out, they don’t require you to take care of filling out your profile right away.

Our testers love this because if you’re like us, you want to see the site before deciding if you want to spend time filling out your profile completely. Why fill it out if the site isn’t right for you, right?

If you use the Facebook option to register on, be sure to take a moment to read what information you agree to share. We don’t think there is any risk in sharing it, but not everything that is pre-selected is mandatory. We always like to fill in the information ourselves, but it’s up to you. The site won’t post to Facebook on your behalf, so don’t worry about that if you want to save time in the signup process.

AsianDating how it works

Customer support takes over in the customer AsianDating support team. Not only do they have email support, an extensive FAQ section, and a web-based support form, but they also have phone support.

What we liked is that when you log in and search for support numbers, they put your member number right there for you, so you have everything you need to be ready when you call. There is nothing more annoying than trying to contact support and digging around for days to find your membership number and any other information you need to get the help you want.

Also, you can write to them [email protected] or write your question in the form.

What do users really think about AsianDating review?

In general, user reviews are positive. You can view a few of them below.

AsianDating testimonials

Data protection. And is AsianDating legit?

Safety is one of the most important concerns for singles. Usually, a dating site has suspicious ads that can cause errors in your operating system, but this site offers its users complete security. Also, AsianDating legit is.

AsianDating dating site is secured by McAfee, making it one of the safest dating platforms out there. Users do not need to worry about their data being transferred to third parties.

Being one of the most secure websites, it guarantees its users the privacy of their data. The AsianDating website takes the privacy and data of its users first, and you can trust their strong encryption to prevent your data from being leaked.

Are there any good quality matches on this site?

When our specialists first visited Asian Dating, they saw a bunch of women from Cambodia and the Philippines.

It would be great if we lived there, but we were looking from the United States. Before we took down the site for everyone in the Western Hemisphere, we wanted to make sure we didn’t screw anything up.

As always, we were guilty of user error. Once we logged in and set the eligibility criteria (what we missed in signed up for AsianDating), we were presented with tons of high AsianDating profile quality options in our area. So, take this as a tip when you’re checking out a site… be sure to establish eligibility criteria before you decide whether site AsianDating is worth it or not for you.

When you log in, you are taken to a screen. We’ve blurred the photos and removed sensitive information, but please know that you will see all of this information when you create your account. We’re just assuming that people might not want to be the stars of our dating AsianDating review 2024.

In terms of what people were looking for on, it seems that the percentage of people who were looking for something serious is higher than usual. Almost all the international profiles we looked at were looking for a serious relationship and, hopefully eventually, marriage.

Domestic (US) profiles had a healthy mix of everything. Some Asians were looking for something serious, some were looking for casual, and some were just looking for fun. Basically, no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll only get a little bit of it on this site (at least, that was the case when this review was last updated).

Overall, we’d say we’re happy with the quality of matches available on Fortunately, you don’t have to take our word for it. Click the free trial button on this page, and you’ll automatically be able to browse the site yourself and view all matches in your area or internationally if that’s what you’re looking for.

Who AsianDating review is good for?

  1. Asian singles looking for a serious and long-term relationship
  2. Singles who want to fall in love and have a serious relationship with Asians
  3. Those looking for friendship and deep connections with Asian singles

Who AsianDating review might not be best for?

  1. Foreigners who are not interested in dating Asian singles
  2. Asian singles who prefer casual dating and short dating.
  3. Not for singles looking for whirlwind romances

AsianDating why choose

How does AsianDating work?

AsianDating works by providing its members with selections based on their dating preferences and personal information.

It also has an extensive search function that will allow you to search for a user by appearance, lifestyle, background, and cultural views. You will also get a section where you can write about yourself. Note that profiles with photos are 10 times more visible than blank ones.

The profile picture is visible to everyone for free, but access to other uploaded photos is only possible with a premium membership. When you visit your AsianDating profile, you can express interest or add likes. Communication is limited when your account is free.

Free and paid features AsianDating review

Free options Paid options
Submit Interest Highlighting the VIP profile
Chat with paying member of AsianDating Sending and receiving messages
Basic Compliance Live chat with messenger
Translate the message into the desired language
Exclusive search functions
Communicate with all participants
The rank is higher than other participants
No ads
Hide your profile and browse anonymously
Advanced matching algorithms


Depending on your membership level, you will have access to different features. Here is a chart describing the items in each level. We’ll break it down for you below the chart.

As you can see, there are three membership levels at Standard is your free membership, and then Gold and Platinum are paid memberships. When you’re a free member of AsianDating, you have limited options, but you have one thing that you don’t get on most sites. As a free member of Asian Dating, you have the opportunity to respond to messages from paid members for free.

Yes, this is a huge bonus for both paid and free members. If you never get a paid account, you can still respond to people who refer you. You won’t be able to send messages to the people you want, but you will be able to reply.

If you decide to become a paid member of Asian Dating, this is very important because any member on the site is someone you can message. On some sites, only paid members can reply, which means you could send someone a message and never get a reply because they don’t have a paid account. On, that’s okay.

As your membership level increases, you get additional benefits. Gold membership gives you full messaging, as well as the ability to hide your profile and browse anonymously.

Platinum is the highest level of membership on Asian Dating, giving you tons of ways to get noticed by other members. Honestly, we think the gold membership is enough, but for just a few dollars more (as you’ll see in the cost section above), it might be worth taking advantage of the extra features they offer you as a platinum member.

AsianDating review Features Overview

AsianDating does not offer any special features for free members other than the ability to see who has visited your profile with a timestamp. Free members can also see how long ago each member was last online.

For Platinum Premium members, this special feature is offered:

Messages from other members who use a different language can be instantly translated into the language you use. This makes it easier to communicate with people from other cultures and backgrounds.

Mobile application

AsianDating has an application for Android phones available to users. You can find the app by Cupid media in the appropriate app store of your smartphone. The AsianDating app is easy to use with simple registration and login processes, making it easy for users to log into their account.

The program allows users to use all the features available on the website and even. With an easy-to-use app, you can log into your account and chat with people anytime.

Thanks to the availability of applications, it has become easy to search for a suitable partner at any time. The program also makes you available to your potential partner at any time.

Although the website of this dating site is easy to use, the app makes you feel like you are closer to your true love. In addition, the response speed of the app is high, and communication with your potential lover becomes easy.

AsianDating success stories

Our Final Recommendation for AsianDating

For just $10 per month, our standing site classification requirements are reduced. At the same time, lived up to and exceeded all our expectations.

With quality subscribers, an easy-to-use interface, and a price that should make you smile, we’ll definitely say, “Yes, this site is worth it.” So you can join AsianDating to try and then decide if it is comfortable for you.

Our Testers recommend that you don’t take our word for it, but click the free trial button below and see for yourself. The free trial will be applied automatically, and you’ll be able to check matches within minutes.



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