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EastMeetEast Review

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For folks seeking Asian dates, the site is a hugely popular dating service. It was created to connect English-speaking Asians of similar ancestry. You do not, however, must be Asian to use this service.

Given that the site was just created in 2013, this agency has already succeeded in bringing thousands of couples together. So, if you’re certain you’re seeking an Asian spouse, this site is worth investigating. But, before you sign up, have a look at our comprehensive EastMeetEast review. We’ll go through the most important details regarding this service, including its primary features and costs.

General Information

Target Audience 19 to 35 years only
Successful marriage High possibility
countries Every Asian country
Pricing High
Prestige Amazing
Technical Support 24/7


The Site Is For

  • Those seeking serious relationships and long-term commitments
  • Singles seeking to fall in love with someone of their race
  • Asian women seeking premium service at no cost

The Site Is Not For

  • Those seeking erotic adventures and casual encounters
  • Singles interested in casual flirting with Westerners
  • Those seeking quick, casual hookups

EastMeetEast main page

Advantages and Disadvantages

Sure, the site’s price regulations, which require males to pay for everything while women have the unlimited free conversation, may appear unfair at first. On the other hand, when was the last time you got a safe and secure opportunity to treat a lady? Regardless of the drawbacks, the EastMeetEast dating site is here to boast about groundbreaking features of online dating.

Advantages Disadvantages
You can see the online status of a member Android users cannot download the mobile app version
Female users don’t have to pay for anything Many profiles lack information
For better security, the site requires verification for photos You might see the same faces too often
The low number of fake profiles Gender inequality regarding the pricing

EastMeetEast Online Dating Experience

The design of EastMeetEast.com is vibrant but inconspicuous. The major backdrop colors are blue and gray, although pink and green are used to accent various key website parts. The combination may appear to be excessively dazzling, yet everything is well-balanced in practice. Overall, such a color scheme contributes to a good user experience.

Everything is nice and easy when it comes to navigation logic. Because EastMeetEast agency does not have any sophisticated features, navigating this site should be simple. In the website header, there are only a few menu sections. The search comes first, then messages, smiles, and visits.

Important Features

Here’s a short breakdown of the features that make EastMeetEast legit:


To locate possible partners, use the search criteria. The app now has the same broad search capabilities as the website, allowing you to apply filters like when a person arrived in the nation, what tongues they speak, and whether or not they are Asian. You may also look for more basic information such as your location, age, and status.


This is where you may simply exchange emails with your fans, and it’s set up like any other conversation. Because EME membership is free for women, we get immediate access to all of the site’s features, including the opportunity to read complete communications. Males, on the contrary, will be unable to read messages unless they upgrade to Premium Membership.


It’s a lovely and polite approach to expressing curiosity. Have a look at the people who’ve already sent a smile, read their accounts, and if anyone provokes your interest, respond with a smile. It might be the start of a lovely relationship!


You can see who has viewed your profile in this section. Get a sense of the types of individuals you’re attracting, look over prospect profiles, and attempt to be the first to make a move!

EastMeetEast create account

EastMeetEast Sign Up Process

The website does allow you to join up via your Instagram account. However, you still have to validate your address and insert some basic information, so it will not conserve you much time.

Going with a basic registration option makes it logical. You’ll need to submit your appropriate email account as well as login details for this. You can go to profile descriptions after verifying your email with an activation link. The first few fields are very normal, asking about your age, type, region, and the sex of a potential companion. Users must also indicate their ethnicity. Cross Asian or multi-race non-Asian are two possibilities.

EastMeetEast.com sign in took us less than 2 minutes to verify it, and began exploring through the site’s Asian profiles. There was no obligation to post a photo right immediately, fill out any information about yourself other than your basic profile data (name, occupation, birth date, and email), or go through all the other gimmicks that other sites may require.

The simple line is that you can establish an account, verify it, and begin searching for Asian people on the platform entirely free of charge in a matter of minutes. There is nothing hard about EastMeetEast login.

EastMeetEast Pricing Policy

For males, a premium EastMeetEast dating subscription means having limitless communication choices with the ladies. As a bonus, you’ll receive read receipts confirming that your message was received by the particular lady in question.

When compared to membership plans on popular dating services, the pricing on this website is slightly more than the industry average. On the other hand, keep in mind that the EastMeetEast dating website isn’t exactly a well-known business. Its user base is ethnic, and certain websites typically demand a little extra for their services. Also, keep in mind that you’re treating the women and aren’t seeing any irritating advertisements.

Free Features

  • Creating an account
  • Interact by sending smiles
  • Search and browse
  • Interact with Premium members
  • Find out who has looked at your profile.

Premium Features

  • All users can message each other at any time.
  • Examine your receipts

EastMeetEast Pricing Plans

Only male users of Asian EastMeetEast have access to a single sort of premium membership, which comes in 4 distinct package lengths. All of the dating site’s features are available to women for free.

Your membership will renew for the same bundle and cost, and you may cancel it at any time. You have until the final day of your next paying cycle to take advantage of the perks of your premium membership. Here is full info on the EastMeetEast cost.

Duration Cost/month Membership
1 Month 33.99 USD Premium
3 Months 20.99 USD Premium
6 Months 31.99 USD Premium
12 Months 9.99 USD Premium

why EastMeetEast better

Getting Started With EastMeetEast

Giving smiles and communicating are the two basic ways to connect to EastMeetEast.com. Female members may use these services for free, but male members must increase their subscriptions to fully utilize them. Male users, on the other hand, may use EastMeetEast Coins to use these networking options while not needing to pay a monthly fee. According to EastMeetEast com reviews, male members can only see a sample of a message sent by ladies to male users. A paid subscription is required to unlock this message.

The ‘Search’ tab on the EastMeetEast dating site provides you with matching ideas. Profiles are shown in a grid format, allowing you to examine the suggested people’s basic information. On the individual search display, there is additionally one specific feature that tells if a person answers frequently, selectively, or narrowly.

The Coins

If you don’t want to purchase a paid subscription, you may use your coins to make a payment. This is what we did in our EastMeetEast review. It allows you to use paid options.  Each letter costs 100 coins while texting a smile is 60 coins. As a welcome present, every new user receives 1000 free coins. Filling your profile will also win you coins.

EastMeetEast Mobile Version

EastMeetEast has made it possible to achieve the site even from your smartphones. It is easy to use, and you will have no trouble navigating it. It has changed the size of all of the icons to avoid annoying misclicks.

The EastMeetEast app is now only available for iPhones. One of the nicest aspects of this program is that it enhances desktop functions rather than sacrificing some of the usual functionality. In the app version, you’ll find all of your communication choices. In addition, there is an instant chat option that allows users to communicate while on the road.

The app’s sole disadvantage so far is that it takes up a lot of space – 90 MB. However, with newer gadgets, such loudness should not be an issue. We’re still waiting for the Android platform, of course. Even though young professionals in major US cities appear to prefer iPhones, Android phones are becoming increasingly smart. As more people convert to Android, an EastMeetEast online dating app may become available on Google Play.

Staying Secure on EastMeetEast

Everybody wants to find their EastMeetEast date, but you should consider your safety, and try a few fundamental dating practices. Use caution and be aware of your surroundings while using your profile from several distributed computers so that others cannot observe or record your passcode or other secret data.

Online dating, like all dating, demands common sense and procedures to protect your safety. It’s crucial to remain cautious while trying to get to know new individuals, and here are some guidelines to keep in mind when you begin chatting on the website and interacting with people. It is common information, but it’s still better to avoid the possibility of EastMeetEast member already suffering from scamming.

EastMeetEast girls

EastMeetEast Customer Service

The EastMeetEast team was adequate, however, there was a lack of a few contact alternatives that we would have liked to see. They presently have a customer contact form, a physical address, and social media profiles. Several internet dating services don’t take the time to establish these simple forms of interaction, so social media is a wonderful example to look at.

Only an email option/address and perhaps a live chat feature are stuff we’d like to see implemented. We’d love to see an emailing alternative for those of us who like to communicate by email. Overall, nothing significant, and the customer service is more than enough. To be honest, you won’t use it very much since the site is continuously being improved to better fit the user.

Summing Up This EastMeetEast Review

This service is certainly worth it if you’re seeking a wonderful community of Asian EastMeetEast women to contact and find that specific match. They provide a wonderfully affordable price that is simple to use, as well as a site that is constantly updated with fresh high-quality individuals to meet. This site is unsuitable for you if you are not seeking Asian singles. Other specialized sites appeal to everybody, but this one focuses primarily on Asian singles, which is fantastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EastMeetEast Free?

According to EastMeetEast reviews, this website is completely free for ladies, but guys must always pay. Of course, this may appear to be unjust at first glance, but site creators argue that Asian women are in more demand than Asian males. Because the site caters to young professionals, males who use it should have no qualms about paying for secure internet chat.

What Is the Best Place to Meet Chinese Singles?

Apart from traveling to Asian countries, you have a high chance to meet the bride of your dreams on dating sites. Asian women are into exotic tastes and foreign men are like a calming medicine to them. They don’t see you as a drug, but as a partner who can show them something new this world has to offer. The best way to find Asian women like these is to go for Chinese EastMeetEast.

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