Do Chinese Women Like American Men?

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More and more Chinese women are choosing to marry Americans. There are, of course, many reasons for this: more and more foreigners are moving to China, the locals are getting better at speaking English, breaking down the language barrier, and, of course, it is becoming easier for Chinese women to find a match overseas with the help of the Internet. In our article, we take a closer look at the phenomenon of why do Chinese women like American men.

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Best Chinese Dating Sites

Decisive Factors of Why Chinese Ladies Need American Men

This may seem old-fashioned, but until recently, in some Chinese families, girls were forbidden even to talk to a man of different ethnicity, let alone to have any kind of relationship.

Obviously, many Chinese families have abandoned the medieval stereotype: Chinese women and American men now meet and marry in increasing numbers. Hence the question. Why are Chinese girls so interested in foreign men? There are a number of reasons, but the main ones are as follows:


Career-oriented Chinese girls often feel disadvantaged in their own environment and want a man who will treat them as equals, as a partner. He will encourage her career growth and accept her lifestyle. That answers the question “Do educated Chinese women like American men?”


Some Chinese girls decide to work right after graduation. It is still some time before they get married. By the time they decide to start a family, many are considered too old in their home country. Some might ask, “Do Chinese women like black American men?” Western men are less concerned about age and appreciate a well-educated woman. This means that Chinese women don’t care about skin color, as emotions are the prevailing factor.

Chinese Women Like American Men

Tips to Get Chinese Women Looking for Men

What Are Chinese Women Like

It doesn’t matter whether you date a Chinese girl or not. The most important thing here is the emotional aspect. Your infatuation is based partly on physical beauty and on inner feelings.

There is another important moment after meeting and attracting a woman. It is in what values adhere to your Chinese girlfriend: traditional or modern. Trust us, there are nuances.

A Modern Chinese Woman Is More Traditional Chinese Women Are More
  • Sociable
  • Independent
  • Career-oriented
  • Educated
  • Has the ability to live and travel independently
  • Family-oriented
  • Diligent
  • Relatively shy and modest
  • Respectful

Of course, no Chinese girl fits perfectly into any of the patterns, because no one fits perfectly into the stereotype of their culture. The girl you will date is likely to have both “modern” and “traditional” characteristics.

Chinese Woman Characteristics

How to Find a Chinese Lady

As we know, there are far fewer girls than men in China, the most sought-after brides in the world. It is said that finding a wife in China is almost impossible. This, of course, does not stop us, and today we will look at simple steps to finding Chinese women seeking American men.


Dress up. Of course, you do not need to go in a tuxedo, but high-quality and preferably “branded” (you can copy) clothes – are very important. Do not forget about the accessories – watches, bracelets, and so on. Believe me, the Chinese are very attentive to such little things.

Earn money. Find a good job, start a business, do anything, try hard. Chinese woman should not see you like a bag of money of course, but at least a good deposit for the future. That’s the guide to how to please a Chinese woman.


Try the Chinese counterpart of Tinder TanTan. Of course, it has many Chinese women dating just for fun, but we can make something of it. The simplest option is to go to the app and run the function “People nearby” – put a filter for girls, get acquainted. Important – when you meet her, ask her right away if she has a boyfriend. She will honestly answer, as a rule. If she does then just look for another one.


This is the most important stage of the relationship. Do not immediately invite anyone to the movies or to eat! Talk about simple things, like what do Chinese women like. Correspondence can last a long time, don’t be intimidated by this, just write and write every day or every other day. If she constantly answers that she is busy, no time, phone died – score and look for another.

Constant compliments are very important In correspondence. How beautiful she is, how smart she is, how beautiful she is again. After compliments, she will usually throw her pics, selfies of all sorts. This is asking for more compliments. Continue to talk and admire her beauty.


Can take place in a day or two months after acquaintance. Both variants are allowed, the girl is serious and does not go on a date straight away. During the date we behave normally, don’t be shy as they don’t like it. We pay for everything ourselves, there is no need to divide the bill even if she insists.

how to date a chinese girl

Final Step

One day after dating Chinese girlfriend, make sure to invite her over. Just clean up. Or she will invite herself to her place under some pretext. As a rule, as soon as the door closes – the girl changes dramatically.

There is a peculiarity here – if she agreed to meet you at her place or your place – this means that in principle, she already agrees to everything. Otherwise, she would have just refused. At yourself or at her place you can kiss her. You can count on something more – well, there as it goes. Perhaps sex will be next time. From now on, she is your girlfriend. There is no direct answer to “How to make love to a Chinese woman.” You figure it out together as a couple.


We have considered a simplified version of how to date a Chinese girl. Of course, everyone has their own stories, and we can talk about mixed marriages for a very long time. When you look through dating Chinese women tips, it’s clear these ladies want to see courageous and strong partners next to them. A man needs to guarantee stability and protection for a woman while she’ll surround him with comfort, love, and care. Asian ladies prefer to preserve traditional roles in the family when a husband is a head and a wife is his reliable backup. Having a Chinese woman brings happiness to your American life.

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