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Free Chinese Dating Sites

Matrimonial services are extremely popular in China. As Statista reports, over 200 million Chinese want to find a soul mate on the Internet. Since many girls want to marry Western men, many agencies help them in this. But not all services provide qualitative features and transparent policy. In this article, you will find a top list of the best Chinese dating sites for free. You will also read some tips on how to successfully date Chinese women and how to conquer them online. Try using our top websites, and you will find your Asian beauty within days!

Why Do Chinese Singles Choose Having Relationships Online?

Chinese women actively use Chinese matrimonial apps in their social life. Ladies from big cities prefer online relationships to real ones. It is convenient, easy, and quick. And the point is they find their real love on such platforms! Here are more reasons why exotic women from China support matrimonial websites.

They Become More Confident

Ladies from China say that they feel more confident in socializing when having relationships online. It is because on the Internet people don’t wear masks. No one on the popular dating sites will judge you for previous marriages or relationships. But the Chinese are very conservative when it comes to relationships. Men from Asia can be biased when meeting girls with unsuccessful previous love stories. That is why Chinese females feel good on matrimonial platforms.

They Seek Interesting Partners

Asian beauties share the idea that on international dating sites foreign men talk about more interesting things. Western males ask Eastern females about their hobbies, achievements, goals, plans, and many other things. In real life, Asian boys are into listening to girls’ stories and dreams. And that is what they lack: listening skills. Thus Chinese women seek support from men from abroad.

They Don’t Have A Lot Of Time to Seek A Partner

The Chinese are workaholics. They don’t have enough time to dedicate family or even to relationships. Thus online dating is a great option. Why waste a month to get to know one person and get disappointed if the person is not your match? Thanks to matrimonial apps search options, Chinese women find their partners easily.

Chinese Dating Sites

Why Should I Choose A Free Dating Site To Meet A Chinese Lady?

If you think that free matrimonial websites can’t provide good quality, you are wrong. Almost all Chinese matrimonial apps offer users free and paid features. But before you buy a VIP status, you need to test the site. And free features will allow you to see how well the site works. The variety of free features is different depending on the site. The majority of Asian matrimonial websites provide visitors with such options free of charge:

  • Registration and profile creating
  • Sending messages (limitless number of messages)
  • Viewing Asian girls’ profiles
  • Chatting with the members
  • Posting photos
  • Exchanging photos
  • Making the list of favorite girls
  • Viewing who showed interest in you

What Are The Best Chinese Dating Sites For Free?

When you start seeking a Chinese girl, you get surprised by how many services offer online relationships. Not all platforms provide high-quality features and free options. But how will you know that the site is good if you don’t try it? To save time seeking the perfect website, see the table below with the top of free Chinese matrimonial websites.

Top Sites Free Based Services
1 Tantan This social Chinese dating site offers users such free features:

  • Creating profile
  • Sending messages in chat
  • Swiping profiles
  • Using search options
  • Playing games
  • Liking beautiful Asian girls
2 Hong Kong Cupid It is a part of the Cupid media network. The site provides members with the following free options:

  • Sending winks
  • Communicating with members who pay for the service
  • Matchmaking
3 China Love Cupid This service to meet Asian singles has such free services:

  • Liking Asian girls
  • Marking favorite women
  • Viewing the list of those who are interested in you
  • Seeing photos
  • Basic searching
4 Asian Dating This platform to find serious relationships offers the next options free of charge:

  • Matchmaking and searching
  • Communicating only with members who pay
  • Sending winks
5 Cherry Blossoms This romantic service has such free features:

  • Creating a profile
  • Searching
  • Uploading photos
  • Creating Favorite list
  • Viewing members’ profiles
  • Sending smiles

How To Find Chinese Singles?

Many Asian girls register on the sites with the hope to meet a future husband. And you can write to any lady you like. But not every girl is easy to conquer. Women in China are exotic and unusual. And they need to be treated in a special way. Learn more tips on how to find and get a Chinese lady.

Show Your Masculine Nature

Asia women want to feel feminine with their partners. And even online, you can show your lady that you are a man. Make first steps, write her compliments, buy her virtual gifts, and you will already be her favorite man.

Give Her Time

These are Asia women that stay shy for a very long time when dating. Don’t expect to receive emoji kisses and hearts during your first communication. Wait for your Asia lady to be sure of you.

Be Serious

In China, no one talks about relationships if they are not serious. Asia women don’t like boys who play with them. It would be very offensive to show a lady your interest and then use it for fun communication. You may even put her reputation at great risk as the Chinese always care about family status.

Show Your Ability To Provide

Asian females seek foreign husbands to have financially stable support. That is one of the main criteria. If you can’t handle providing for your couple and then for your children, don’t expect women from China to pay attention to you.

Meet Her Family

If you are dating a Asian woman, know that you marry her family too. And even online, you can find her parents and get acquainted with them. Imagine her surprise when you tell her that you love her family. She will adore you!

Plan Your Life

In China, women follow men’s decisions. And men always plan dates, trips, romantic evenings, and any other activities. You might think that she is not interested in spending time together, but this is a Asian family tradition. Men will always be the main ones in the family.

Meet A Chinese Lady

Why Is Online Dating So Popular In China?

As the statistic says, the number of Chinese who use matrimonial websites has exceeded the mark of 662 million in 2019. Oriental girls are into dating online. They are obsessed with the possibilities Internet dating opens for them. Here are the reasons why Asian matrimonial websites are popular.

  • It is quick. The pace of life in China is very fast. People don’t have time for arranging romantic dates and waiting for a partner. Thus Chinese dating sites save women from loneliness. They can search for a foreigner by different filters and find a perfect match within minutes.
  • It is easy. You don’t have to worry about how to find Asian beauty as the site will make everything. China matrimonial platforms have huge catalogs with girls and a lot of options for communication.
  • It is convenient. Many China ladies are too shy when communicating with a partner in real life. But online dating unites people in a relaxed way. You can think a bit about how to respond, analyze a partner, read information about him, and then decide how to act.
  • It is good for people with special preferences. In real life, we can’t set the filters and find a person. But sometimes, it is so time-consuming to find that one if you have special preferences. On Chinese dating sites, you can easily shift through the content and get what you want.

What Does Chinese Dating Look Like? Peculiarities And Specifics

Dating is a very sacred thing in China. When a couple is dating, a girl and a boy should marry. Otherwise Chinese society will not accept their relationships. Online dating gives more freedom. And that is why many free Chinese dating apps have been banned. Except for the serious motive of dating, there are more things you should know before you start seeking an Asian lady.

  • Young girls are controlled by their parents. In China, people start dating after they finish university. And parents control the relationships of their children very strictly. If you are chatting with a young China woman, you should be very polite and careful.
  • Older foreigners are always in demand. China parents believe that older men are more suitable for their beloved daughters. Older husbands are reliable, and they have a stable financial position. And Chinese parents always want to make their children happy!
  • Dating is more about duty. People in China date because they want to create a family. And women face pressure from the society that rushes them to marry. Thus ladies that reach the age of 26-27 years struggle with many stereotypes about family creating.
  • People think about what others think. The Chinese always care about their family name. And sometimes girls choose their partners not because they love them but because they think it will be right. In online dating, Asian women are free in their choice, but still, they follow traditional beliefs.
  • When you date an Asian girl, you date her whole family. Parents always know who their daughter is dating. The idea of an extended family with uncles, brothers, and sisters is quite popular in China. As you are a foreigner, the girl’s parents will be worried about her. Don’t make them stressed. Meet your Asian girlfriend’s family online as well.

100% Free Chinese Dating Sites

Chinese dating free platforms become more and more popular thanks to their availability for everyone. From now one, singles from China and the West can join popular mail order bride sites and take advantage of their free services such as creating an account, adding your photos, and looking through female profiles and exchanging messages.

However, there are a few things that you should be aware of when joining a free dating site in China. The first one is fake profiles. Totally free Chinese dating sites do not conduct such deep checks, so you may come across fake profiles. How to spot one? Well, a fake profile usually has just one photo or no photo at all, no profile information and description. We would recommend you to skip such pages even if a profile photo looks nice.

Free Chinese women dream of meeting handsome and generous men from the West and build serious relationships. A dating platform is a popular place to connect with good-looking women and develop a relationship from a distance. When choosing a China free online dating site, do not forget to read reviews to pick the best and safest platform.

Free Chinese Dating Sites in USA

There is a huge demand for Eastern brides in the USA. American bachelors like the idea of marrying traditional women from the East and creating a family with them. Through popular Chinese free dating websites, American men can meet stunning girls from big and small cities in China online.

Chinese dating sites free work in the same way as paid platforms: you must register, add your profile photo, and provide your requirements towards your ideal girlfriend/wife, you just don’t have to pay a monthly fee for using a dating website. Once it is done, you should start dating Chinese girls free online and building a romantic relationship regardless of the distance. Take a look at the best free China dating sites above, read our reviews, and pick a platform that makes you feel safe.

Is It Legal To Meet Chinese Women Online?

Although many Asian matrimonial platforms are banned, online dating is legal in China. And the number of international marriages is increasing. The government gives licenses to those marriage brokers who connect Chinese ladies with men from abroad. No one forces women from Asia to get married to a foreigner. They create a family with a person they love.

Final Thoughts About Chinese Dating Sites

If you dream about an exotic woman with a beautiful appearance and a strong mind, you should think about visiting top Asian matrimonial platforms. These are the platforms that allow members to try their features for free and decide whether to stay there or not. Asian women are fond of such platforms. They use matrimonial apps for making friends and seeking foreign husbands. Try your luck and find your future wife on the top Asian matrimonial sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Free Chinese Dating Site?

Here are 100% free Chinese dating sites: Tantan, Hong Kong Cupid, China Love Cupid, Asian Dating, and Cherry Blossoms. They offer a lot of options for free, and you can try them right now. But we would recommend you test several services to find one suitable variant for you.

Are There Any Free Dating Site in China Without Payment?

Registration on the sites is absolutely free everywhere. Almost everywhere after registration, the user is given a package of welcome credits, so he could at least try something, and as soon as they run out, he needs to replenish the account.