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Sometimes we seek like-minded people to have a chat, to discuss interesting things, simply to have someone who would understand and support us. This is what you could find on TrulyChinese. The TrulyChinese review shows it is an amazing place to meet awesome people. You could be interested in finding incredible encounters like friends or like-minded individuals, or you might focus on meeting your love. The site is marvelous because it is versatile.


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Editor’s Summary

The community is an amazing place to meet fun and interesting individuals. You might become happy here since it offers friendship and amazing romantic encounters. It is extremely easy to use this amazing website, and it has awesome features making the usage of the source even easier. The site has a simple yet stylish interface. Below you might read a more detailed TrulyChinese review of the website to find out about all the fascinating options of the platform.

💰Price: $28.95 / month
⏳ Recommended age: 21-40
👩 Profiles number: Over 100,000
🤳 Average Sign-Up Time up to 15 minutes

7/10 Overall Rating

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Pros /Cons



What Is’s review shows everything about the amazing and fun website. The most important thing to remember is that it offers romantic relationships as well as friendship. If you want to meet new interesting people, listen to their amazing stories about the fascinating culture and traditions, the source is going to make you extremely happy.

The TrulyChinese reviews left by users on different sources claim the site offers an amazing place to meet fun and nice individuals. It is a place where everyone is friendly and open to new things. You could find your love and romantic relationships, or friendship, and soulmates.

These nice features offered by the extremely fun to use site show what you might get while using the web source:

The website offers to meet amazing and beautiful Chinese women who seek awesome men abroad. The see respectful men who know what they want to reach in life. All women are extremely friendly and nice; they seek happiness and want to have fun.

The profiles are extremely detailed and show everything important. The profiles are so detailed that you could even see such characteristics as height, weights, other parameters. So is TrulyChinese a good dating site? It certainly is! It is easy to use, it has a simple interface, and the people are friendly. It’s a place where people are happy and fall in love, or find friendship.

TrulyChinese At A Glance

How Does TrulyChinese Work?

The reviews show it is as simple as any other social network. After creating an account, you are offered to see all the amazing options. Creating a profile is quick and easy – add the details listed in the registration form, and you might proceed with checking out the fascinating site.

The reviews claim it is easy to meet people who might make you happy. There are two types of search – a quick search and an advanced search. Quick Search offers a nice and easy option to meet love or friendship by seeking people due to their location. Advanced search is incredible since it will match you with someone compatible.

One of the most fascinating and incredible things about the website is that you could see your potential friend or girlfriend/boyfriend without visiting the country yet! It is possible since you could benefit from the video calls. The quality of these video calls is great! The site is one of those platforms offering good quality for a nice price.

Meeting compatible men and women is easy and un. By using simple and effective features, you have fun and meet love or friendship. Seeking partners, like-minded nice and friendly individuals, friends, is extremely easy and possible on this website. So is TrulyChinese any good? It surely is an amazing place to chat with nice and friendly individuals and meet love.

TrulyChinese love stories


The reviews claim it has two types of search, and both of them are great and useful. If you want to find fun and friendly boyfriends and girlfriends within several minutes, you might want to use the quick search. It is easy and fun.

If you are seeking serious dating and romantic relationships with compatible men and women, then surely the advanced search would be extremely useful. So is TrulyChinese worth paying for? Yes, it is a nice and useful website with a great and stylish interface. It gives a chance to become happy.


The signing up process is quick, simple, and takes about three minutes. After completing it, you can start having fun on this incredible platform. It might take some time for you to add all details about your amazing personality, but it is worth every minute you spend on this fascinating website.


Profile Quality

You might check any TrulyChinese dating site review, and every user will be saying that the website has amazing profiles. It’s because of the nice and detailed applications. They give a great chance to read about a person to easily figure out whether you could make each other happy.

You might find tons of awesome profiles belonging to friendly and compatible people. It is easy to navigate through these nice and detailed profiles because of the simple filters. Reviews of people claim the platform is easy to use, and you are offered a chance to see these nice individuals online through video chatting.

Safety & Security

Meeting women and men to start happy relationships is safe. Always make sure you share only safe information – credit card or insurance details keep to yourself. You might share such details as your personality traits, interests, hobbies, what you prefer in men or women, etc. Payments on this incredible site are safe, as well as your private data. So is TrulyChinese safe? Yes, this awesome website is safe.

Help & Support

The TrulyChinese dating site reviews are completely positive about the effectiveness and professionalism of support team managers. You get the replies quick, within several hours. You might also read the Q&A on the site to find the answer even quicker. Overall, the support team is nice and friendly.

TrulyChinese app


The prices are average compared to other similar websites. There are a free search and some other nice opportunities you get off charge. Such awesome features as translation, video chatting, sending nice presents and other icebreakers, etc., are included in the cost of the website. So is TrulyChinese worth it? Yes, it surely is worth paying for the simple and easy to use the website. You meet men and women who are compatible and make you happy.

Real Users Experience from TrulyChinese

Success Story #1 Image
Camilo and Liena CupiDates logo
My friend suggested TrulyChinese - an online dating site specifically for Chinese singles looking for love and companionship. After some hesitation, I decided to give it a try, hoping that this would finally be the answer to my long search for true love. As fate would have it though, only one profile caught my eye: Liena’s! She was beautiful – her smile alone could light up any room – but she also seemed so kindhearted and sincere underneath that gorgeous exterior; something about her just clicked with me right away! I sent her a message and without hesitation she replied back! We exchanged messages nonstop over the course of several days until we both felt comfortable enough with one another to take things further offline…and before we knew it we were talking every day via phone calls and video chats. Finally after months of getting closer each day through these conversations (as well as occasional visits), Liena agreed to be mine forever!
Success Story #2 Image
Mac and Mey CharmRomance logo
Mey had been single for a while and was feeling ready to start looking for love again. She heard about TrulyChinese, a popular dating site that connected people from all over the world, so she decided to give it a try. When Mey finally came across my profile – I seemed different from the others and our interests were surprisingly similar. Mey took a chance and shot me a message! We began exchanging messages every day until we eventually decided to meet up in real life. Two months later I asked Mey if she would accept me as her boyfriend and now here we are today happily married with two children!


Is Safe?

TrulyChinese reviews claim the app is wonderful and pretty safe. Any app or website, including even a dating site, is partially safe. If users are being careful and use such sources mindfully without sharing something significant and important information, the app will be completely safe. As reviews state, TrulyChinese is a safe website since it grants safe payments. But try to keep your financial information to yourself, such as your credit card details – just try to avoid sending data to users.

Is A Real Dating Site?

Yes, TrulyChinese is an amazing site offering so many fascinating options to try out and have fun. The reviews are mostly positive and optimistic about the usage of the fascinating app. TrulyChinese is for romantic dating and offers possibilities to meet amazing friends. It is a totally real website offering awesome possibilities.

How Many Members Does Have?

The TrulyChinese reviews claim the service is new, so it has an average audience. Even though it is new, it is progressing fast and steadily. People who appreciate Chinese culture and want to meet these amazing people are using the platform.

Is Worth It?

The truth about TrulyChinese is that the app is amazing and offers fascinating encounters with individuals who will understand you. It is a place where you might become happy. People are amazingly friendly and nice; you could find friendship or even love. It is a romantic site, but you could use it as a social network to find awesome people and chat with them.

How To Use

The review on the TrulyChinese dating site shows it is extremely easy to use the website. It is as simple as a social network. Creating an account and adding a profile picture is the way to do it. The reviews from users also indicate that the platform offers to add awesome details about you so you could meet like-minded people.

Is free?

It is a paid site with several fascinating free to use options. For instance, the TrulyChinese free search. It offers an amazing possibility to check out the site before you pay for it. And there are more nice and interesting options off charge which will make it extremely easy to use the fascinating website.

Can I use anonymously?

Initially, the TrulyChinese web source is set as an anonymous network, just like Facebook or Twitter. As you know, you can be invisible when seeking someone on Facebook or Twitter. All TrulyChinese dating reviews claim it is the same on the web source.

How can I delete my profile?

It is a simple and easy action. Find the option in settings and insert your password. You might also add the reason for completing the action for the statistics. The web source will use it to figure out if it is effective to improve it later on.

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