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Dating online is not easy especially when you are looking for Japanese brides who can very rarely be found on similar platforms. But custom sites were created based on reviews that specialize in a specific audience. JapanCupid belongs to these systems because the vast majority of its users are Japanese brides. For men seeking foreign dating, Japanese brides are a real godsend because they are smart and very modern. Japanese brides are very fluent in English and are family-oriented. We decided to check out JapanCupid, and in JapanCupid review, you can find out if you can find real Japanese dating there.

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Overall Rating – 8.0

Partner suggestions 8.1
Price-performance 8.2
Service 7.9
Free features 7.9
Ease of use 8.2
Safety 8

Pros and Cons

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JapanCupid.com at a Glance

🌪 Best for:
women and men who are looking for a partner
👤 The number of members: 100 thousand
🔑 Recommended age: 22-35
💜 Favorite features: matchmaking & highlighting profile

Short Review

According to JapanCupid reviews, the platform is designed for those users who want to get acquainted with the Japanese culture, and especially Japanese dating. The system is visited by Japanese women looking for a friend or romantic partner for a serious relationship due to the JapanCupid review. Since most women have serious intentions, you can also find your future wife there. The platform is not sufficiently protected from fake profiles and scams, so you should be careful when visiting and do not start communicating with suspects. According to a JapanCupid review, the system has fake protection, but it doesn’t work well enough and some profiles can still access the site due to the JapanCupid review.

JapanCupid Review

According to the JapanCupid review of the website, you can only communicate with verified users if you want to avoid scams but there are very few users on the system. If you are interested in meeting someone with good values ​​from Japan who will respect you then you can try the platform according to the reviews. The platform has many features that you can use in your dating profession, but most of them are paid. The site cannot be called free because free features do not allow users to communicate with the bride, and the main task of the platform is to communicate due to the JapanCupid review.

What is JapanCupid.com?

Is JapanCupid any good? JapanCupid is a dating site that was created in 2005 for men from around the world to network with Japanese brides. The platform belongs to 36 other Cupid sites and is designed for a specific audience. The system is designed for users who want to find their matches and are ready to do anything for it. Single brides from Japan may not always find suitable men in their country, and for this, they turn to special marriage agencies. On the dating site, you can feel like you are in real life because the platform offers many options such as flirting, photo sharing, video chatting and more due to the JapanCupid review.

If you are a foreigner you can also visit the platform because the site is not closed by other people according to JapanCupid reviews. For those who have long dreamed of finding the perfect bride, whose information is based on your personal data, a special matchmaking algorithm has been created on the site. You can not worry about the privacy of your data and enjoy finding and communicating with women from Japan. If you are interested in more information about each of the features of the platform you may find it below. Japanese brides platforms are happy to get to know you if you don’t mind due to the JapanCupid review.JapanCupid Users

How Does JapanCupid.com Work?

How does JapanCupid work? According to user reviews, this platform is very fast and has a user-friendly interface. In order to join the site, the user has to go through the registration process and after that, he will have access to all features of the platform which are free of charge. You need to purchase a paid subscription to access paid features. Because your messages are saved to users, you can view any of them. In order to view the message history, you must go to the user profile and click the chat button, but this can only be done when the user is online.

You can also delete messages if you no longer need them. With the help of a special feature called tags, you can access brides very quickly. To do this, you just need to enter the adjectives you need in the search. You can also add tags to your profile to make your profile more popular.

Is JapanCupid a good dating site? The platform has a matchmaking feature according to reviews that helps save time because you no longer need to search for brides. Based on your personal information, the platform itself will pick you, potential brides. You can also use the paid profile highlight feature if you want to get users’ attention. With a paid subscription you get unlimited chat, but you need to be very careful and pay attention to who you are talking to. In no case may your personal data be transferred to anyone unless you trust the user due to the JapanCupid review.


Is JapanCupid worth paying for? In order to register on the platform, you do not need to pay money after you register you can also try some features for free. You can use your Facebook account to sign up, but in that case, all your data will be transferred to JapanCupid according to the reviews. If you chose to sign up without Facebook, then you do not need to enter your full name, just the first name is enough. Registration is quick and you just need to enter your name, email, date of birth and come up with a password, and then you can start using it. You can start looking for new friends, but be careful because most profiles are not verified due to the JapanCupid review.

JapanCupid Registration

Profile Quality

According to a review on JapanCupid dating site, all the information on the platform is well organized and in order to find out if the bride is right for you, you do not have to start communicating with her due to the JapanCupid review. Because the site has very high-quality profiles, you may find information on appearance, features, education, character traits and many other features about the bride. If you do not know Japanese, there are two options for viewing profiles in Japanese and English. You may even place work and income in your profiles, and you can enter features that interest you in your future bride due to the JapanCupid review.

Safety & Security

Is JapanCupid safe? The dating platform, according to many reviews, is not safe because you may get on the fake profiles there. If you do not want to get into a scam, then you need to use the system very carefully and not trust your data to suspected persons. This is a great disappointment when you have been dating a bride for a long time, and as it turned out to be a normal fake. In order to avoid such situations, you should carefully read and follow the rules of use. The site also has a verification system but not all users use it and because of this, the platform is a lot of fraud. Among the fakes, you can also find many real brides who dream of getting married due to the JapanCupid review.

JapanCupid Women

Help & Support

The truth about JapanCupid is that there is no full support on the site. If you have any problems or questions, you may want to contact the system staff. On the homepage, according to reviews, you can find an email you can reach at any time. In order to get a quick answer, you have to write your message several times due to the JapanCupid review. If you have simple questions related to the user, you can also find the FAQ section on the platform.


If you want to have unlimited communication, you have to pay. The platform offers a paid subscription for different time periods according to JapanCupid dating reviews. You can video help, view profiles anonymously, add users to your top list, and more, along with a paid subscription. And you will also have access to exclusive Platinum subscription search features. You can find out more about the prices below due to the review.


JapanCupid is a popular dating site among Japanese women. The platform, according to many reviews, is not safe and has a lot of fraud. Among the fakes, you can also find many real brides who dream of getting married due to the JapanCupid review. If you want to have unlimited communication, you have to pay.


Is  JapanCupid.com Safe?

What is JapanCupid.com? This is a dating platform that offers a variety of services. All of these services are safe and secure but you can also get scammed on the site. This happens because many profiles do not verify due to the site review.

Is JapanCupid.com a real dating site?

JapanCupid free search shows that this platform is genuine because you may find many beautiful brides on the site. You can use any service to improve your dating experience.

How many members does JapanCupid.com have?

Currently, the site has only 100,000 users according to reviews, but in recent years this number is growing. The main thing is not quantity but quality, and it describes the site very well due to JapanCupid review.

Is JapanCupid.com worth it?

JapanCupid dating site review shows that you may find true love on the site, but you need to be very careful not to get into the affair.

How to use JapanCupid.com?

According to the JapanCupid dating site review, you don’t need much knowledge to understand the system interface. You must register and then you will have access to all services due to site review.

Is JapanCupid.com free?

JapanCupid.com review shows that the site is not free, but you can use some services for free, such as search and flirting.

Can I use JapanCupid.com anonymously?

You may search anonymously, but you must purchase a paid subscription due to reviews.

How can I delete my JapanCupid.com profile?

Is JapanCupid worth it? If you do not like using it, you may delete your profile, you need to visit the settings and click the appropriate button due to site review.

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