KoreanCupid Review – Is It Possible to Date a Bride from Korea?

Korean dating on the internet can be difficult because not all dating sites specialize in them. Only some platforms can offer you relationships with Korean brides. And one of these platforms is KoreanCupid. In this KoreanCupid review, you can find out if this service is worth your attention and what it can offer to your users according to the review.

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Overall Rating – 8.1

Partner suggestions 8
Price-performance 8.4
Service 8
Free features 7.8
Ease of use 8.3
Safety 7.8

Pros and Cons

✅ Pros


KoreanCupid.com at a Glance

🌪 Best for:
men and women interested in international dating
👤 The number of members: 400 thousand
🔑 Recommended age: 20-60
💜 Favorite features: flirts & swiping

Short Review

Platform review shows that KoreanCupid is one of the Cupid sites that are popular in online dating according to the review. In order to access KoreanCupid, you must first register. According to KoreanCupid reviews, there is no quick signup on this dating platform and it takes a long time to join. Most users of this site are 50 years old and sometimes it is difficult for them to start dating because it takes a lot of steps first. The users of this site are very different in nationality because while most women are from Korea, many men who visit this site are from America and England. There are many features available on this site, including those that make communication faster and more convenient. KoreanCupid visits about 400,000 users every year because they can find romantic partners from Korea here. According to the KoreanCupid dating reviews, you can find fake profiles here, but the site claims that it is safe according to the review.

KoreanCupid Review

What is KoreanCupid.com?

According to the system review, KoreanCupid is a dating site that has appeared on the dating market relatively recently so that men from around the world can get acquainted with Korean brides according to the review. KoreanCupid helps Korean brides who for many years have had no internet access and could not search for foreign dating. The dating platform is open to all users and according to the KoreanCupid review of the website, even non-Asian men can search for brides here. Because the system is created in English, anyone can use it, and a special translator feature is created for some Korean brides according to the review.

Platform review shows that KoreanCupid encourages the use of people from different countries, so here you can meet women from Asia and even America. However, most of the site is occupied by men from Western countries who search for brides from Korea. The service is created not only for everyone to have fun but also for all users to find a partner for marriage and you can find out if you can do it there. You can also find a lot of KoreanCupid dating site reviews on the homepage where you can find a lot of information from former users.KoreanCupid Users

How Does KoreanCupid.com Work?

If you want to know how does KoreanCupid works, then in this section we decided to tell about it according to the review. KoreanCupid is a modern dating site and it uses the best methods to help you find a Korean bride. To become a member of the site you must first register and then you will have access to a huge database of brides from around the world. It will be very difficult for you to choose the best bride because there are so many of them available on the site. In order not to get lost KoreanCupid offers a variety of search features and you will be amazed at their result according to the review.

Service is specially designed for users who do not have enough time to search for the bride of their dreams, and for this purpose various features are available on the platform through which you can interact with the bride. Because a translator feature is available on KoreanCupid, you no longer need to translate everything you don’t understand when communicating with your bride. System review shows that throughout your use, your personal information will be protected but from time to time you may still encounter fake profiles according to the review.


The truth about KoreanCupid is that there is no quick registration here because you will not be able to switch to use without passing a personal test. KoreanCupid registration is available via email as well as your Facebook account. All you have to do is register with Facebook, just enter your profile and then all your data and photos will be available on the system. You don’t need to confirm your email on the platform, and in many cases, this can lead to a lot of fake profiles and scams.

You must enter your name, age, gender and password when registering. If you want your profile to be more popular, you can verify it with your document, but there are very few users on KoreanCupid who do this. After registration, you must immediately upload your photo in order to access the site. Due to the KoreanCupid.com review, the next step is to take a personality test, where you must answer a few questions about you and your future bride.KoreanCupid Registration

Profile Quality

At service, you can view user profiles without any restrictions. You can see all the available user information on his profile. Some users do not add personal information and it can be difficult to know whether to start communicating with them. You can also easily block users you don’t want to continue communicating with on the system. According to KoreanCupid reviews, you can find information about their appearance, hobbies, habits, family status and other features in user profiles.

Due to review, you can also fill in all this information in your profile and you can edit the profile at any time. Also in your profile, you can record information not only about you but also about the bride you want to find in order for your search to be more effective. The most popular service users have verified users and you can see them through the green mark on their profiles.

Safety & Security

Is KoreanCupid safe? This question is often asked by foreign men who want to join the platform. The system has certain rules of use that each user must follow. When you upload a new photo to your profile, employees first check it for valid content according to the review. Due to the fact that most users do not go through the verification process, there are many fake profiles on KoreanCupid. Service also occasionally has various scams and you need to be very careful when using it. In order not to get into the scam, you must follow the rules.

KoreanCupid Women

Help & Support

The system has support according to review, but it will take a long time for a response. Due to the fact that there are scams on the platform all the time according to the KoreanCupid dating site review, it is very difficult for site staff to quickly solve the problem according to the reviews. If you have any problems using the system, you can contact customer support. Due to the review, if you have a problem, you may want to read user reviews, because very often they tell you how to solve certain problems of the service according to the review.


Is KoreanCupid worth paying for? You can join KoreanCupid for free but in order to continue using and fully enjoy all the features available, you have to pay according to the review. After registering, you may be interested in profiles, browse them, send winks, but at the time you want to start communicating with them, you have to pay. Due to the review, the paid features of this platform include instant messaging, no advertising, message translation, profile viewing anonymously, profile highlighting, and special search algorithms. Below you can find out more information about system prices according to the review.


Is KoreanCupid.com Safe?

According to a review on the KoreanCupid dating site, this platform is not completely secure. You can still find fake profiles there and get into a scam. The platform securely protects the personal data of users, and every user must comply with all the rules of use of the site.

Is KoreanCupid.com a real dating site?

To answer this question, according to the review, you need to define what is KoreanCupid.com? This is a dating site that is designed for foreign men to meet brides from different countries. You can find a partner here for marriage so it is real.

How many members does KoreanCupid.com have?

According to reviews at the moment, there are about 400,000 users on the platform, but not all of them are active. Since this platform has existed for many years, there are so many old profiles here according to the review.

Is KoreanCupid.com worth it?

Is KoreanCupid any good? If you are not afraid to meet the fake profile and get a timely response from support then you can visit KoreanCupid according to the review.

How to use KoreanCupid.com?

In order to use the platform, you must first register. Once registered, you will be able to find and interact with the bride according to the review.

Is KoreanCupid.com free?

Is KoreanCupid a good dating site? The platform is suitable for users who are looking for international dating but it is not free because you have to pay for each service.

Can I use KoreanCupid.com anonymously?

You can use the platform anonymously according to reviews but this feature is paid.

How can I delete my KoreanCupid.com profile?

Is KoreanCupid worth it? If no, then you can go to Settings and submit your profile at any time.

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